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People on this Forum...


Should really most of the time stfu.

If you dont even have any pic, i dont even see why you would critic someone's physique.

If you look like shit, I dont even see why you would critic someone's physique

There is so much shitty comments on this forum, and most of these shitty comments are made by people that either look like shit, or that dont have any pics and most likely also look like shit

For the minority that actually have pics and dont look like shit (while in no way looking incredible). Why dont you give people sound advices instead of trying to make yourself feel better about just looking "average"


I would love to compare what people say on the forums, behind a computer screen, to what they would say face to face IRL.


^ People are 999% more likely to talk shit online than IRL...this really is nothing new.


No shit come on people even my scrawny ass has a pic up. But i guess i really dont talk shit (only when i play sports)....but yeah