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People of Wal-mart


This is Fucked Up/Hilarious...



"Hell no, roll those bitches up some more". Classic. And I thought 'Super Target was bad...


Damn it the site is down!!


Couldn't get the site


ah wtf... sorry guys i failed


its back up.


I got nothing. I hate Walmart though, i refuse to shop there. I'll pay more money to shop somewhere else.


Wal-Mart is cheap...

But there are definitely some things that make me ashamed to call them part of my species.


hahahaha that last one of the fat woman is where i'm from.

Did not expect that.



I will go miles out of my way to buy shit from a mom & pop.


Maybe it's because i'm canadian and Walmart is a bit diff here (though they are starting to bring the american style mega walmarts now...) but i'm really not completely ashamed to shop there. Not saying i go there often but come one, everyone needs cheap crap sometimes. The thing that is total crap is their clothing though. Their clothes are a joke, anything i've bought there magically changed sizes and color within a few washes.


Why would you be ashamed to shop anywhere?


I hear ya, Canadian WallMarts are a totally different breed from when I've been there in the states, at least in and around big cities. I bet the ones in Saskatchewan are pretty similar to something in bum fuck middle of nowhere America.


True. I don't even buy anything from WalMart but Whey Protein. Just because Shopper's Drug Mart sells that shit for twice what WalMart would sell it.


I always go to walmart, always has things that I need.. and yea you meet some down right weird people there.


Damnit, a decent percentage of those mutants are from Louisiana.


You'll find more tattoo's per capita in a Wal-Mart than in other major chains.

Wal-Mart's cheap, so I do shop there occasionally. Buy, I prefer Target.


Just added to favs


It is something to love about you ragin cajuns.