People Make Me Sick!

I know this crap happens all the time it just never fails to amaze me. I realize that the suing thing is possible. However, I think the risk is minimal at best, and regardless I had to the choice I could live with.

Unfortunately there are just too few T-men to go around. I went to lunch with a couple of friends last week and when we got back to the car the battery was dead. We were in a huge parking structure that must have been 110 degrees. Anyway, we had the hood open, obviously the car wouldn’t start. We had called someone to come pick us up, but in the hour we were waiting, with cars passing us constantly, including the building security, one guy actually stopped and asked us if we needed help. When we came back with the new battery, security came back to scream at us that you were not allowed to work on cars in the garage and threatened to call the cops! The whole scene was just ridiculous.

Nate Dogg- How 'bout my digits? ;O …just kidding!

Yeah nate, How about MY digits? lol…Just Joking

It’d be hilarious to see what BigCuntrag wouldve done in that situation though:

BC: Elevate yourself you little punk
V: Help
BC: What are you, a little pussy or something? You need to work out more so when I see you I dont have to beat into a pulp. You ever see a small boxer defeat a big boxer? NO! Because they’re put in different divisions - cuz hell, everybody knows the bigger animal will ALWAYS win! Thats why lions will never defeat a bear. Maybe you should watch some animal channel and learn a thing or two - like f. example Bears CANNOT outrun Lions. The lesson for you to take home? Be big like me. See that store over there? Do you think it sells Stuff like Mag-10 so you dumasses can be small and lean? Nooooooo!

BigCuntrag sure is the perfect T-Man.

Here’s something a little heartening then:

Recently one of Wellington’s street people died [this is one of those peopel that Diesel doesn’t like]. This guy was quiet, polite and had become a fixture around Wellington.

This is a person who asked a person who had befriended him for two dollars, the friend gave him $20. The homeless guy put the money in a church collection plate and asked his friend for $2 again, all he wanted was a cup of coffee.

This person was such a fixture and was thought so highly of that he got front page eulogies and his funeral was attended by over 600 people including City Councillors and a couple of members of parliament.

Maybe NZ’s different, but we still value people here, even the outcasts.

I NEVER said I dont like these people. He obviously had strong moral fiber. I have the utmost respect for someone capable of putting others ahead of themselves.

I guess my post was a bad post. I obviously made the mistake of generalizing something that shouldnt be generalized.

I never meant to say people who manage to become successful are despicable. I have friends who never accomplished nothing.

I guess I was just struck by why someone would allow themselves to stay there. But thats an answer only they know, and I do realize that too many factors contribute to one’s fate.

Just ignore my post. It’s one of those ramblings that dont necessarily make any sense.

That really pisses me off…really. If there is one thing I cant stand, it’s selfishness, and that shit is the epitome of selfish.

About a week ago I saw an old woman falling over. She was just standing there waiting for the bus, and she fell. I was amazed at the number of people who didn’t even look to see if she was hurt, it was so weird.
It does sound like it’s worse in the states, because two people were already helping her before I could get to her. I think the “sue everybody”-approach as a way to climb the social hierarchy might indeed be responsible. I certainly hear about alot of cases that would be simply unthinkable in Denmark.


What else can you expect from the SF Valley?

A sample of the surrounding conversations may have sounded something like this…

“Like ohmagawd, that guy over there? He’s like totally on his ass and can’t get up!! Someone should totally do something about that, like get him off the street or something? Anyway, the guy that does my hair is like soooo smelly…”

Insert lyrics of Tools’ “Learn to swim” here…

Another example of what’s wrong with LA and society in general.

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[quote]Nate! (slaps head)

You must be kinda young. Get her number anyway. You’re not married and it’s called a backup plan.[/quote]

DAYUM! I didn’t think about that!

My bad! I have learned the error of my ways. I will not let this happen again. I see the value of a reserve now.

Good thinking guys! You are my idols!

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Oh man, how do we turn such a nice thread into something so evil?

Sorry Brad! You’ll win your money back and more next time!