People Make Me Sick!

I live just off an extremely busy intersection of Ventura Boulevard in the San Fernando Valley with a big news stand on the corner and a bunch of restaurants. Yesterday as we turn at the above intersection in rush hour traffic on our way home, there much be 50-60 people standing around at the stand or sitting outside and the restaurant. Not more than 10 feet away is a homeless man in a wheelchair (he lost both his legs in Vietnam). Apparently his chair broke when he was trying to get off the curb to cross the street and so he was laying face down in the street pinned under his chair. The back of the chair was resting on the back of his head so his face was pinned to the concrete. It was also hot and the pavement was boiling. He also had a much of bags and crap tied to the chair so it was pretty heavy.
Anyway, he was yelling for help and in addition to everyone at the news stand, everyone sitting there continuing to stuff their faces, there was a traffic cop, and four lanes of rush hour traffic in every direction. Not one person lifted a finger! What the fuck?!! Not only is this a human, he is a veteran. Anyway, it gets worse because we pulled over and when my BF lifted the chair off some guy sitting there eating says, “Hey man, we called an ambulance, you shouldn’t touch him you know, he could sue you later.”
Anyway, needed to vent because I am absolutely disgusted.

Humans can be such assholes! I see this sort of thing all the time. It’s as if they can’t treat other humans like a human. It’s fucked up. As a matter of fact, I was thinking of that this morning.

I helped push some girl’s broken down car out of a crazy intersection last week. No one lifted a finger to help her. So I just pulled over and pushed her car myself. Instead of helping her, they were just honking or trying to go around her. She was obviously broken down and didn’t know what to do, and it was an extremely busy intersection during lunch-hour traffic.

Note: Many will argue that I only helped the girl because she was attractive. This was not the case. In fact, I had no idea she was attractive until I had already pulled over to help her and ask her to put the car in neutral. Prior to helping her, I only knew it was a girl (saw the back of her head) and knew she was broken down. So helping her because she was attractive was not my intention. It was after the fact that I realized that she was attractive. So I helped because she needed help.

“there much be 50-60 people standing around at the stand or sitting outside and the restaurant”

Oops, that should read: “there must have been 50-60 people standing around at the stand or sitting at the restaraunt.”

Yes it is bad, and certainly not good. The bit about sueing was esp bad. I’m suprised onc eyou stopped to help, others didn’t come from the restaurant.

I saw an interesting program on group pressure once. They had actors and unsuspecting people show the pressure of groups and how instinctively difficult it is to break fom the group. They had similar situations as you describe, someone fell on stairs on a busy street, calling for help and people just walked by. Once another actor came and helped the person a group formed as the power had been broken.
Other examples were in a classroom situation where people sat through fire alarms, the teacher said not to leave the room and all were actors except for 1 (they did this about 5 diff times). The non actors even got to the stage of turning the door handle but not leaving esp if someone said ‘we were told not to leave’ they then went and sat back down. Only 1 person (from memory) actually left the room but even that was after they would have been unconcious in a real situtation. They gave the eg of a fire in England (Harrods I think) where people died in the cafe area even though there were no probs with exit. People were even found dead at the payment queue, they think the inherent expectation of paying before leaving was too great.
They also showed the power of authority figures by having someone telling people not to walk on cracks or go a different way through a mall. The casually dressed person was ignored yet the person in uniform was able to get people to follow his instructions. Amazing.

Well Sabrina, bless you for helping the poor fucker. I read your letter and instead of being sickened by the assholes who left him I am encouraged by the fact that you had the humanity to help out. I tell my daughter all the time not to let the general evil and indifference all around blind her to all the acts of folks like you.

Hey T.C. send this girl a shirt!

I try not to personalize these kinds of horrible stories, but they always get to me. Very disheartening.

Props to Nate for not being like the rest of the assholes who’d rather pound on their horns and curse than help.

Sounds like Cervix was stuffing his face there.

THAT is inhuman.

The man lost both his legs for his country (read: Every and Any one of us living in the US), suffered the extreme pain that comes from his situation and postwar syndrome, and had the misfortune to become homeless.

It’s completely inhuman to let him lie face down because he could sue you. He didnt run away when it was time to go to war did he?

By the way, this is NOT the type of bum I refered to in my other post. He is a man who had the misfortune to have the setbacks he had.

Some people need to seriously reevaluate their values when a poor man is lying face down in the hot asphalt screaming for help and they refuse to help.

I agree - TC, Sabrina deserves a T-Nation T-shirt. While others are so afraid of touching a VETERAN who lost both his legs for THEIR FREEDOM, she stopped and helped. That is the attitude of the T-Hood.

Remember who we chose as T-Man of the year a while back? Remember why we chose him? Not because he was sculpturally perfect. Not because he could defeat Tito Ortiz in a fight. We chose them, because besides his physical qualities he had the strength of mind, the morals, and the guts to do the right thing.

I think we should start rewarding those who show mental and moral fortitude instead of just ignoring everything around them in hopes of keeping their glass-like life from being shattered a la Coercix.

Nate, I’m ashamed that you even posted that story while leaving out the most important part:

Did you get the digits?

that makes me sick to here that too! anytime i see someone in need i’m always the fist one there to give them a hand. some people give you the look as if, why are you helping them? you don’t know them. its sad, just realy sad. good job nate and subrina for your honerable acts.

hey jared, thats too funny!
well nate did you?

Here’s one that happened not long ago (maybe a year ago). I was at SeaTac airport to see off my sister who was returning to Ohio. So my parents are there (she was staying at their house for a few days), myself, my wife, and my sister. We’re sitting outside one of the concourse cafes talking. There’s a guy in a wheelchair who’s obviously in a hurry to get to his flight, and as he rounds a corner, he drops a crutch off the back of his chair. So he’s trying to lean over to get it, and is having a devil of a time with it – just can’t get low enough to grip it. So I got over ther to pick it up for him. It was all of maybe 20 feet away. As I’m coming back to the table, my parents and my sister were just gaping at me, and asked me why I did that. My answer back was, “Why shouldn’t I?” I was amazed at that reaction from my own family.

Two bucks says he did

That is really sad. Kudos for helping to guy out.

That whole sueing thing, it’s not that far off. People have sued those who have tried to help them. Unfortunately, the few assholes that decide to sue the good samaritan, and win, cause immense damage to American society as a whole. It is human nature to help another who has fallen, but excessive litigation driven by greed has nurtured a fear of involvement for many people.

In no way does this excuse the behaviour of the bystanders, however, the fear of a lawsuit was probably on many of their minds.

Brider I’ve heard that from family. If I see a female or seniors in a broken down car, even though I know absolutely nothing about cars, I’ll often pull over to push the vehicle to a safer place then the middle of the street.

Once when my sister was with me, after I got back in the car she asked if I thought I was a superhero.

[quote]Nate, I’m ashamed that you even posted that story while leaving out the most important part:

Did you get the digits?[/quote]


Because I have a girlfriend, I did not get the digits. I’m sure it could have been done, but I handled it like a gentleman. Once I pushed her into a parking lot, I suggested that she call for help (she said she did), and I took off. She smiled and thanked me profusely!

But hot damn, it was tempting. This girl was a cutie and wearing a very short skirt! ha ha ha ha!

I was even dressed all nice (in my suit) and it was 90+ degrees!!

Nate! (slaps head)

You must be kinda young. Get her number anyway. You’re not married and it’s called a backup plan.

Nate, let me educate you. You missed out on an excellent opportunity to pick up a reserve. A reserve is someone you quickly call during a fight with your girlfriend that results in a mini-breakup. A reserve can also eventually become a rebound, which is someone you fornicate with if/when your current relationship ends to “get back into the game”, so to speak.


Ha ha. Warhorse and I are both assholes. :slight_smile: