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People Magazine

I hope you are right (and there is a Santa Clause), but the version in People doesn’t look nearly as doctored.

This is about as fake as Pam Anderson’s tits…pure BS picture…I grew up as a teenager staring at his physique over a period of years. This is not his muscle or bone structure. PURE BS!


As a Photoshop expert, I’ll say that if it was fake, you’d never know.


It ran in the British newspaper The Sun,which is not exactly averse to bending the truth,but it was a full colour photo and looked real enough.

I was at the Arnold this year,and I think it was taken a couple of weeks after that,mid March time.
Hey its what condition he is in now that counts!

yeah i would have to say fake. just like what goldberg said. look at the hands. they look like a old granpa’s hands. and even if it was him which i highly highly doubt, who cares i mean look at him now! it just shows what you can do when you get off of your ass and get to work!

When I saw this picture I also had the “no Santa Claus” reaction. Now that I look more closely, I agree that it is a fake.

Take a look at the neck - the traps do not attach to the base of the neck.

It’s obviously a fake! Duh. Look at his head and hands. Look at him in clothes, you don’t see a sagging chest or love handles. DUH.