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People Magazine

Has anyone seen the latest issue of People magazine? There is a picture of Arnold in a speedo that is unbelievable. I would describe how repulsive it is, but I don’t want to ruin the surprise!

In all fairness to the guy,that picture was taken a few months ago.
I know this because it was published in April in a British newspaper,so maybe he has since managed to get back into shape.
But yes I agree at the time it was taken it was pretty bad.

Well, he is 55 years old.

Despite what appear to be 30 additional pounds, he’s still sporting a better set of calves than most people here.

And given a few months of Renegade training, better lighting, and a more flattering posture, he’d be exceptional again. If he isn’t already.

I have the utmost respect for Arnold, even in decline. His training philosophies and attitude are my gym fuel. He’s also the best of example ‘if you put your mind to it…’ since Rudy.


Curious thing they did not put an after of his entry scene in T3, eh? He looked almost (if not really) bigger than in T2.

Trust the media to have it all wrong. Then again the media are so biased precisely because it works…it gives people what they want by fueling their yeah, I told you so, look at this needs…in that context, averaged-out or both sides of the story stories are counter-productive…

Yeah, he looks great in T-3 (judging by the trailer)…but of course they won’t show that part.

I frickin’ hate the media. I hope that more celebrities do what Stallone did - make a hobby out of chasing down all the false/patently misleading shit that gets printed and throwing such a firestorm of legal shit at the magazine that it goes under. Sly did that three or four times, if I recall, and you notice that the rumor rags never have anything unsubstantiated to say about him.

No no no no:

That picture is perfect. Its what we need.

See, Arnold is, in that pic, a pure american-breed fat ass (well, halfway there).

In the matter of a few months he got back into exceptional shape for T-3. He now looks like more of a T-man than most men on Earth.

Thus, he showed so nicely that all you need to do is get off your damn ass, workout, and watch your diet. See, sometimes it takes a drawing for people to realize what we mean by ‘get off your ass and get in shape’. And such a shocking one is what we need.

I can almost hear the fat-assed lady mumble to herself ‘Hmmphhh, Im still blaming my fat rolls on my genetics’.

Who says he didn’t use any “help” to get ready for the movie? I’m not saying that “help” is a bad thing, but I don’t think we should go praising him for all of his hard work and think that that’s all we need as well.

I don’t know, but after looking at that picture I’m stuck in between thinking it’s a complete fake and feeling like I just found out there is no Santa Clause.

I’m leaning toward fake, but if that thing is real, it’s amazing to think that Arnold, even at 55-56, would ever let his body go like that. Especially given the fact that it was his body, heavily promoted by himself over the years, that got him to where he is now (of course a massive dose of drive and ambition didn’t hurt much, either!)

And when you look at his old stuff like “Pumping Iron”, and “The Education of a Bodybuilder”, etc., the man was his own biggest fan of his body.

And if it is real, then all I have to say is “Dammit Arnie! How come Jack La Lanne can keep his same lean, fit look his entire life and you blew up like Marlon Brando?!”

All that being said, I do agree with diesel23 that at least he shows that fat people can just get off their asses and whip themselves into shape. And I also agree with you, Char, the media sucks big time when they pull shit like this.

I can’t believe it’s real myself.

That lack of “condition” would show through clothing, and he never looks that bad in any of his clothes you see him in.

I saw T-3, and he looked great in it. If you recall the series, when someone gets “zapped” to the past they arrive naked. They showed his chest and a complete rear naked shot of him and he looked as good as ever (well, maybe a touch smaller then in the past, but thats to be expected).

I don’t know man… looks like a fake pic to me.

The head looks disproportionately small for the body…

Can’t/won’t believe that’s him.

His hand also looks like a 70 year old’s. I don’t know.

Come on guys, are you serious?

You’re forgetting law #1 of people behavior: People respond to incentives!. He gets paid to look good when he`s on camera.

Off-time, why the fuck should he care to the extreme? I mean, unless Maria the Wife nags him to be absolutely under 10% BF (or whatever X level), the guy can put on a shirt and bermudas and youd could far less tell that hes off-season. It`s not like he needs the money or coverage to be picture perfect year-in year-out, eh?

He could have been on a bulking phase. He could be bloated to hell by alcohol. Whatever. Speculation. Speculation.

Judging by the afterward results in T-3, he`s displayed he masters the comeback/leaning part very well, with help or not. He was camera ready when it was needed (and paid). All the rest is speculation and unrewarded economically.

Anyway, the guy has a long lifetime trackrecord (both on the fitness), and he`s proven he can be ready when it counts. And he apparently does not inflate to John Candy proportions before getting back on track.

Bottom line: He`s still in control and in charge. I seriously doubt a bad photo will take that away, specially he came back as good (if not better) than in a long time…

I really don’t know if I believe this is real.

Everytime I see the dude he’s got tight slacks on with a t-shirt/sportjacket look. His waist always looks tight.

Also, if he were this flabby would his face be as tight as it is? (True, he’s had some work, but still…BF% that high would show)

This appeared in a tabloid, right?

Besides, what retard would wear a speedo if they looked like this???!

I’m going to have to chime in on the fake side of the fence here. That’s just ridiculous looking and Arnold is in the spotlight so much that there’s no way you wouldn’t have seen that coming. AFterall you see his arms on an almost daily basis and at his worst, after his heart surgery his arms were still better than mine will ever be.


I’m on the “fake” side as well. Any photoshop experts out there who’d like to chime in? Patricia?

thats fake. look at his hands. they look like my grandpas hands. and he doesnt look anything like that in regular clothes. im calling bullshit on this pic.

Keep in mind also, Arnie’s been puttin out flix every yeay consistantly (albeit bombish). He looked great in all these flops.