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People in This Country are in Awful Shape


I know there have been threads like this before, but I felt like sharing. Today I went to the beach, and having bulked this past Winter and not finished my cut yet I felt like I'd be a bit tubby. Holy fuck was I wrong. I think I saw maybe a dozen people with bodyfats within 8% of mine even. The worst part is, SO many of them are kids and teens. Sadder too was that it isn't just 'oh lose a few lbs. and they'll be better off' it was more like 'have your plastic surgeon vacuum about 80 lbs. of lard off you and you could get rid of that 'morbidly' prefix from your obese tag".

I feel like it wasn't this bad 10 years ago...I'm positive it wasn't this bad. It was almost nauseating today the raw number of people that were just spilling out of their bathing suits by about 100 lbs. It's like obesity has become the country's unifying factor. Gender, Race, Sexual Orientation, Social Class, doesn't matter, they're ALL fucking killing themselves. I actually worry about when I have kids about the availability of healthy foods. If people continue to be pigs, what's the incentive for companies/conglomerates to keep healthy foods, fruits, and vegetables available to consumers if they can make a killing just producing garbage food for an 80% obesity rate population in our future?




Bay Area.

Fit FTW.


I just posted this reply in another thread during the Holiday weekend:

It's definitely diet. I don't "people watch" much but summer is in full swing here. A few days ago, I was down the beach...fucking fat people everywhere. I mean everywhere. Young women with bulging bellies, rolls of fat, so much cottage cheese I thought I was in the dairy section of the grocery store...guys that look like their pregnant and never did anything more strenuous than look for the remote control. Today, I'm at a lake in one of State Parks...same thing - no matter what the age, "I see fat people". There were 3 girls in shape, all 18 or under and about 3 other guys that ever looked like they did anything physical ever. So there were about 7 of us, out of a few hundred.

I'm on a little excursion last night with a buddy and a few acquaintances and we're looking for a place to eat something quick. Bing-fucking-O, a Muscle Maker Grill (I bullshit you not, they are a chain around here where you can actually get healthy "fast food"). I say, "that's what I'm getting". They walk in with me, look at the menu, grumble something about "too complicated", ask if I'll pose outside the store/signage (no) and after I get my food (the "XXL Turkey Wrap, Brown Rice/Beans, Broccoli, water) these guys head to White Castle and get a 30 pack of mini-mystery meat burgers, fries, and a cup of soda that threatened to be 2 liters. We're in the drive-thru, and for the first time I'm really aware of the madness of our culture - I'm watching the staff bring that crap, and milkshakes to the front-counter, and they are fucking BUSY. By contrast, I was the only one in the MMG. I'm not normally around other people to eat, except my son, so I'm not used to this fast food culture being right in my face - only peripherally. These dudes turned down good tasty food (their stuff is great) and purchased 30 inedible, barely-fit-for-human-consumption "hamburgers" chased with enough soda to send even a normal person into transient-type-2-diabetes.

I'd invest in pharmaceutical companies with an emphasis on heart disease and diabetes meds - in 20 years, more than half the country will be taking that shit. I'm not sure how "shallow" I am anymore, but I aint messing with no fat women. Ever.


San Diego, too.

Damn that place is awesome.


What, were you chasing them around with calipers?


Maybe those people have just started their cut, also, Fluffyboy.


You could carve enough fat off most of them to equal the entire weight of my organs, bones, and muscles.


I just did a quick google of the fittest and fattest cities in the US.

According to a 2 year old yahoo article Miami,FL is the fattest city in the country. Kinda odd with the weather and beaches??


The topic reminds me of conversations I've had with friends. I'm not seeing the over abundance of fat that everyone else sees. Sure the odd fat person here and there but not as many as op or friends are complaining about. Weird. Most people I see are normal sized(meaning capable of wearing normal sizes).


Maybe you should pick a better beach next time.


Same here. I know there is obesity in this country, but it's pretty rare to see a real land whale.


Everything is bigger in Texas.

Heh heh.



I think we're hearing a lot of views from the UK and the US and our media is picking up on it too.

I've sat in the McDonald's Parking lot feeding my face with drive thru and watched fit person after fit person coming and going (in cars taking the drive thru too--you can sort of tell) but then I see people out running and walking and cycling all over the place. People are really quite fit and active here.


You're right. When did they move Hawaii?


Oh and in case anyone was wondering how they measure obesity it is the BMI scale.
Take the test

The largest group is the normal and overweight catagory. It's a bell curve and 25 is the center of the curve and separates overweight from normal. In case you were wondering where they get obesity stats from.


I didn't think about that. As the BMI index doesn't take into account bodycomp a large number of people on this site would qualify as 'obese' and 'morbidly' so.


I get that, but that is how obesity and overweight is determined, with the BMI scale. When they say obesity epidemic they mean overweight and obese(according to the BMI scale).


Do you think it is possible for people to see more fat people because they have been told there is an epidemic?


To some extent. There is a major problem with the numbers of people who are fat however.

Take a look at what the BMI index shows: It doesn't take gender into account so let's assume we're talking about a guy. So: 6 foot tall, 221 lbs = obese. It's ridiculous.

The guy in this photo is 6 foot tall and 220 lbs. Obese right?