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People from Boston/New England?

I want to hop on the “T-Cell” bandwagon and see who out there is in the greater Boston area? It might be cool to get some people together to go up to the Coach Davies/Mike Mahler seminar in NYC next weekend (I’m already signed up to go). Even if the idea of getting together doesn’t float your boat, it might be cool to have someone to ask “local” questions of, i.e. “Where’s a good hard-core gym around here?”

Any Bean-towners or others in the general vicinity?

I am not in Boston yet, but I will be attending college (Boston U) in the fall. I train much differently from the usual hs/college age crowd and would like to get some info or get together with someone in boston area when i get there to continue my t-influenced work out routines… so sign me up for your bandwagon in the fall …


I live in Boston, but I’m moving to Texas in 9 days.

I will also be attending college in Boston in the fall. I live 45 min out of Boston which is Rhode Island. Let me know if I can be some help.

I live in Chelsea, Ma. and train strongman in Andover at Highland Strength & Fitness. I am also a trainer there. It’s an awesome gym with all the strongman, Oly and PL equipment.

I’m in southern Maine; Boston is just over an hour’s drive. I know of quite a few T-men in the MA, CT, and NY area.

South Shore, MA here. I won’t be going to the NY workshop but let me know if I could be any of any help.


Sorry –

I’m having a lot of technical problems posting, and can’t post from work (where, unfortunately, I am spending the majority of my time lately).

Anyway, that’s great that there are T-folks in the area or on the way. PM me and we can exchange email addresses and perhaps get something rolling – like I said, at least an informal local info network or something.

Sully: I’ll PM you concerning the gym – I couldn’t get to Chelsea during the week, but on the weekends I would like to come down and check stuff out – the caveat is that you must promise not to hurt yourself laughing at my PRs. =-)

lynn, MA here.

I’m from Rhodey, too.

T-puppy, in what Rhode Island town do you live. I’m in Warwick, looking to make a move out to West Greenwich in the next year.