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People At My Gym


There is one particular guy who always hits me up for advice and training methods, supplementation, etc. Which I have no problem answering questions if I can. He comes in to day with his girl and gets on the bench next to me and proceeds to watch the exact weight I put on and try to match it. It was quite entertaining, but why do this?

The second guy does about the same, but asks you for advice and then tells you what he thinks is right and how you are wrong. He weighs 190 lbs. and claims he has squatted 800 lbs raw. He is also an aspiring physique competitor. Every day he beelines for me and tells me how much stronger hes gotten, what he weighs, and how awesome the newest supplement is hes taking.

Anyone else have people like this in their gym?


Did you congratulate him on his world record?


Yes, I told him he should go compete and smash world records. He is 6'1 too btw.


There is this two-man bro crew that lifts at my gym. Both are tan to the point of being orange and one seems to shave his arms and legs. All I have seen them do so far is curls and lat pulldowns. There is one really fucking huge guy in my gym and when they are there when he is they just gawk and whisper to one another about how much of a big guy he is instead of paying attention to what they are doing. You can just see the bro-envy in their eyes. Then there is this really chunky guy who is always flexing in the mirror like he is the next Phil Heath or something. He tried to squat 405 for reps the other night. He was successful if you count quarter squats.


Lol I have lots of those orange bros in my gym atm getting ready for summer. And there are constantly people doing quarter squats or knee breakers as I call them. Had a group doing 1 rep squats with 315 barely breaking the knees and high fiving each other. They then asked me why being so big I squatted so little as I am doing reps with 405.

I constantly have highschool kids approach me too and ask me about gear, what to take, where to get it, and how much it is. Like I am some sort of walking pharmacy that sells gear.


Awesome. Yeah, I just got back from the gym. Same stuff, different night. Really, really tan guys and the really pale big dude. I kept getting weird looks because I do a full-body routine. The gym rats just can't understand anything besides a body-split program, ha.


Just the general lack of work ethic in my gym astounds me. It reminds me of my days in university where I would go to the library and study my arse off, then look around and see people doing everything else but study. Then later in the day you'd see all the facebook updates of how long they had stayed in the library as if length stayed equates to effort.

The same in the gym, you can tell these people go home and brag about being in the gym for hours on end, when I've just done more workload than them in half the time. I look like I'm heavily constipated grinding out my final military press and they chat to their friends for 5 minutes in between sets, needless to say they look like shit so I just don't care, as long as they don't get in the way.


Long story but me and a buddy were working out on the same bench and had a 35 on either end, then a 10, then a 25...so a very weird combination....then I pointed out that the two younger guys on the Smith machine next to us had the exact same combination of plates. I didn't know whether to laugh or start a fight with them.

And my God the number of times I've been on the treadmill doing an odd combination of speed and incline, like say 1.5% incline and at 8.8kph and the guy on the treadmill next to me starts doing that too.

It may help you to know I'm in Asia.


10000 posts.

I'm in Asia too (Korea)

My favourite is when I ask some guy to spot me and he proceeds to lift nearly the entire weight for me, while I try in my broken Korea to explain what I want him to do. I asked a guy to help me with weighted pull ups and he ended up using me to do weighted shrugs, I just gave up because I couldn't explain.


They want your approval. I would guess the matching weights is an ego thing, especially with his girl near by.


There's this one guy in my gym, always smiling, well mannered, a little older, married with kids, the whole deal.. anyway, as polite as he is, all he seems to ever do is walk around asking the more experienced people questions. Not stupid questions though, I guess he just reads too much, and listens to the wrong advice because despite being very committed to showing up every day of the week, doesn't seem to grasp even basic concepts about training or nutrition.

What really stands out to me though, is that I remember this guy from another gym I used to train at back in the late 90's. So he's had the last 15 years to acquire a basic foundation and it sounds as though it's all gone over his head.
(so it's not just the younger/teenage crowd who gets over-ad-informed)

Real nice guy though -lol



lol from how you describe him, it doesn't even how sound like he actually lifts in the gym


My gym is actually quite a good standard. I mean obviously there are dudes doing the usual stupid shit like quarter squats, half reps on the bench etc., but the standard is probably the highest out of every gym I've been in.

The reason being that 80% of the dudes lifting in the free weights area are on the uni rugby team, so they know their shit. At first it was a bit of a pain in the arse because there's so many of them and they seem to take the place over (weights room's pretty small) but they're actually really friendly and let you work in. It's a case of everyone respecting everyone else who works hard.

I did have one guy (not rugby team) who kept walking into my rack just as I was about to squat to fix his hair. Did it four times.

Surprisingly, the most annoying people are the Scottish Powerlifting Federation (I think that's what they call themselves). The sense of entitlement among those old dicks is unreal, and they have no qualms monopolising the equipment and getting all arsey when someone else wants to work in. You just can't justify using a rack for 2 hours. Dicks. I don't care if you used to have the Scottish record, now you're just an old unfriendly fat dude.




Some asshole smashed my GNex phone at the gym last night and didn't tell me.




Sorry bro. It's just that you were front squatting so much weight and I was scared to tell you.



There is a guy in my gym that all he does is walk around. Talk to the women that work there and does 2-5 sets in 40min or so. Goes to the water fountain a lot. And yesterday I watched him walk up to 3 different mirros and check himself out. He is 5'10 ish and I would a skinny fat 160 with a white dude fro


Here's a couple conversations I had at my gym (old thread):