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People are Saying my Cycle is the Worst they've Ever Seen

My first Test Cyp cycle. I took a D-bol cycle 3 years ago for 8 weeks 40mg/day. This is my first Testosterone cycle. I’m 22, 6’0, seem to react very well to anything and everything.

My plan for my Test Cyp cycle is as follows:

Week 1: 100mg
Week 2: 200mg
Week 3: 300mg
Week4-8: 400mg
Week 9: 300mg
Week 10: 200mg
Week 11: 100mg

Along side I am taking .25mg Arimidex every 3 days just in case. Upping as necessary.

Then proceed with either Nolva or Clomid which I can acquire at any given time for PCT.

Thoughts? Any criticism is encouraged, but if you tell me its the worst cycle you’ve ever seen please explain why and what I could do to improve it. Already have taken the first 100mg pin 2 days ago and I have felt an immense increase in training ability, and my hunger has sky rocketed. I don’t understand why people are saying those doses are way too low if I am already seeing positive effects just a few days after. Also i have been a steady 178-180lbs for 3 weeks now and in the past 2 days went from 180-183. Is this just my brain playing tricks on me or what? Should I up the dosages in the coming weeks?

That’s not the worst I have ever seen, but it’s not optimal. No real point in tapering up or down. Run 400mg each week, split into 2 shots, for 12 weeks or so. You should NOT have started injecting before getting your PCT on hand. You need to order that shit ASAP. Read KSMan’s thread about PCT for dosage and length. Anything you felt from a 100mg injection 2 days ago is 100% placebo effect.


I get it from a doc, guaranteed so whenever i need i just ask. I would’ve never started without knowing that. Thank you for the advice though.

So, I replied to your last post.

Kinda confused now after reading this. Your doctor is allowing you to do a blast? Or is your “doctor” not really a doctor? Never heard of a doctor allowing one to cycle steroids before. Also, at 400mgs a week?

I agree with everything @46and2 posted.

Haha yea my Dr recommends I do cycles 3x a year… He wants me to get swole… Yes cycle is lame 500mg a week 10 weeks would actually produce results

Hes not my real doctor lol, just gives me anything I want.

Well, real doc or not, he/she should give you cycle advice, unless the “doc” doesn’t give a damn about you and just wants your money.

I’d recommend that you read up more. Have you had blood work done? Sounds like you didn’t think this through very much if you didn’t have a PCT planned out. Do you plan to have kids one day? Might need to get something to help with that if so.

Good luck, again, read up and study up before getting to far into this.

should’ve gave more info but I did have pct planned i just didn’t want to post it because i wanted fresh opinions. I was gonna do clomid 150mg first day, 2 weeks after last pin. then 100mg/day for a week, then 50mg/day for another week, then done. As far as hcg goes I’m not worried about my balls taking time to come back to size. Im confident I’m young and healthy enough to have them recover, might be risky but then again so is flying in an airplane.

I don’t know why nobody has pointed this out yet:

There is absolutely 100 % no doubt that your increased ‘training ability and hunger’ is all in your head. NO DOUBT AT ALL. I hope you’re able to properly understand this fact, because it’s important. Testosterone injections simply don’t work that way. The dose is irrelevant, really. You could have injected 1000mg on day 1 and not seen ANY results that quickly. Sorry to burst your bubble, but it’s the truth.

Going as low as 200mg in the context of a cycle is actually very dumb, particularly at the beginning of the cycle. The end can be justified as a test taper, although that’s also something I disagree with. 300 should be the BARE MINIMUM in any week.

Here’s a good question for you. Did you know that adex dose should be DIRECTLY related to the amount of test you inject? I feel like this isn’t something you knew already, because you’re suggesting that it’s possible that week 1 dosing of adex could be the same as weeks 4-8. That’s just wrong.

Anybody with any experience or knowledge of steroids, even very little, will agree that this cycle isn’t very good. The only saving grace is that it won’t hurt you. The WORST cycles are basically the opposite of this. When people use dangerously high doses. This isn’t dangerous in that respect. It’s just not very good either.

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yeah i do understand that the more test you have the more estrogen which in terms means more arimidex to control the estrogen. But some people don’t need any AIs at all, so how do you explain a direct correlation of dosage there. If .25 works for me throughout the entire cycle why would I up the dosage? As I said, if necessary I will up it. Was I wrong in that?

I have to correct you on that. Some people SAY they don’t need an AI, because they’re not seeing outward symptoms of high estrogen. Those people probably aren’t getting bloodwork, and they’re probably gonna get themselves killed one day through their recklessness. Just saying. Your E2 number, based on bloodwork, is ultimately what should serve as your guide for AI dosing.

If you’re not getting bloodwork done at any point, you don’t actually know if you’re properly controlling E. This is the biggest reason to run the same test dose throughout the cycle. To consistently keep E2 between 20 and 25.

ahh ok yeah true i remember reading that actually. Thats why I took .25 apex with my first pin and planned on it every 3 days even though i wasn’t feeling any sides. Thank you

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“Im confident I’m young and healthy enough to have them recover, might be risky but then again so is flying in an airplane”

This comment made me so angry lol… What a dumb ass thing to think!!!

Why the fuck would you not want to keep your nads firing? Being young is the reason you SHOULD want to keep everything in check!?

And HCG 250iu 3x per week is such an easy thing to do…

With an attitude like that towards using steroids you are getting no help from me.


he’s already been told all of this in another thread but he didn’t like it so he started a new thread.

I wouldn’t waste your time with him

I did.

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Your a waste of space in that case. And a waste of your own energy. Thank you for nothing.

Flip helped me out, you should follow in his steps and take on a different attitude. Thanks for nothing.

I look forward to seeing you come back with questions along the line of why you feel so shitty come end of cycle… And I defo wouldnt take on any of the big boys like Tren until you wisen up…

You mean like my first response in your first thread?

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Look forward elsewhere. Your still wasting your energy.