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People Are Idiots


I apologize in advance for the rant, BUT...

This post is in reference to the spate of alcohol and marijuana posts of late. Do you really need scientific studies discussing testosterone and lutenizing hormone to realize that too much of either will hurt your progress? Use your common sense. Both in moderation won't necessarily hurt you too much. But to the alkies and potheads who want strenth and performance and a muscular, lean physique, you can forget about it. Marijuana helping concentration and intensity during workouts is entirely subjective. Marijuana alters perception. Perception and reality are very different. I've been high and hanging out with friends and felt like the ideas I was tossing out were revolutionary and complex.

But how many here have ever been sober and hanging out with a group of mostly high people. They sound like fucking idiots. I also call bullshit on using it to eat more. You shouldn't need to-just learn how to bulk properly. Alcohol has a lot of calories, and if it did nothing to hormones, it would crowd out room for nutrients the body can actually use. Smoking and drinking sometimes is not the end of the world. But don't think either will actually further your goals.


I just had to read this post.

My son wrote on his bedroom wall,

"I forgive stupid people."

My wife does not understand, I think, but it is my motto to live by.




Maybe this should be the idiot thread where we can report recent idiot sightings. Here is an idiot I read about this morning:

There is a woman in my hometown who is on a crusade to save an injured crow she found on the road. She is asking for donations since wildlife control won't help her. I am an animal lover, but a crow? Crows are greasy, filthy, scavenging pests. That would be like taking up a collection for an injured rat.


Injured RAT!!!

Do you know of one right now? Where is the por little thing? There's no time to waste!



Bad..bad..bad karma to mess with a crow.

Where do I send the cash?


Your son is a brilliant human being!



I am a member of an online community. Mostly, it's a bunch of social rejects held together by a common glue, but I'll spare you the details. Anyway, this one idiot won't STFU about dudes flipping up their collars, wearing pink shirts, and generally being gay. WHAT AN IDIOT!



Good lord-crazy woman. Good idea about the thread though.


This is a little off of jsbrooks subject, but "people are idiots"

I'm tanning my now stripper approved body and this 7-8 month pregnant mom and her 4 kids are setting up in front of me. Here comes dad with a cigarette in one hand and lighting another one for his pregnant wife.

She starts smoking and I feel myself getting physically ill(really). I almost said sumtin but refrained because it's not my business.

This is coming from a recovering alcoholic,who smoked,chewed a tin a day, and used many drugs to get high loser.



Yup. I think that the pothead and drinking stuff is idiotic. Mostly people that want to think that what they are doing is good and want someone else to back them up on it.
I don't buy that bullshit anymore, I just figure let them learn.

Sorry I don't have any good stupid stuff. Haven't been out much. I've been locked in my house. I can't use the keys because the hole is on the other side of the doorknob.



Nice post.

I used to be astounded by people's actions, inactions, and attitudes, until I worked out that 95% of people are idiots. Then, sadly everything makes perfect sense.


Although I see nothing wrong with the occasional drink or joint, I concur that most people are idiots.


No weed or alchohol will certainly not further any kind of fitness , strength ect goals you have. It messes you up thats why people use them and you certainly cant work out as well in an intoxicated state as normal w/ the exception of Powerdrive type stuff. My philosophy towards life right now is that weightlifting is part of it; not the focus which should be family my career, me and friends in that order. I smoke and drink because i find that these further the goals of socialization and relaxing after some college classes that can get pretty hectic.

If you to read a defense of why i smoke and drink here it is:

  1. I like it, its fun. It helps me relax and have fun at a party or just w/ friends. Im an uptight guy which doesnt mind a little chemical help.

  2. Even though i like it i try to keep it in balance. Im never going to be the most skilled pothead and i dont want to be i dont know how to roll a joint or do all that other stuff i just know a few things because i want it to be a part of my life not a focus. I smoke only 2X a month on average right now; so i wouldnt think that this would be overdoing it by any means.

  3. I guess i got this pot thing from my dads side of my family- my siblings also smoke and i assume that they made a similar choice. My dad came from the 70's he used to smoke it up like it was going out of style. Fast forward, he's a medical doctor getting ready to retire. His siblings that smoke are an ex Corporate financial officer, a geologist, and a drafter.

So its not the stupidest thing in the world if you keep it in perspective and look after whats important e.g. your college , grades and keeping your nose clean.

  1. As far as physical reasons , i enjoy the mind body thing. Its weird and i feel somewhat silly mentioning this but marijuana does make you think differently and when i have smoked before i have gone out and lifted before i have noticed errors in my lifting that i wouldnt normally notice or postural errors that i wouldnt normally notice and this has helped to correct them.
  2. There is no number 5 , go out and lift y'all


Oh and this is for panteasniffer, you brought up a great point: Addictive type people that can't say no. Thats never been me i could never be accussed of being a hard core druggie or an alkie thats pretty sad if you ask me. But that is a great reason to say no if you cannot use these substances in moderation


the whole thought about pot heads who think they are having incredible thoughts is hilarious. I know this kid who's always coming up with "the best idea" probably a few times a day... sad part is he's probably perma-stoned and stuck for life, anyways, he'd come around with "the best idea" ever all the time and usually it was some REALLY stupid shit, no it was ALWAYS really stupid (ps, I've never even tried weed, so it sounds extra stupid to me)


I think it was Arnold Toynbee who said: 'The masses are asses.'


masses are asses , no sh!t. well look at our president , an ex coke-head and cheerleader and skulln bones guy. He was definitely a party animal in college even ol bubba clinton tried out the wacky stuff when he was a rhodes scholar. And at some level , yes i am rationalizing my behaivor because as i have indicated i am not all for going all into wacky weed. I'll probably keep at my current low level of usage throughout my effective adult life.

Yeah when i first started smoking i got all kinds of stupid ideas. Lately though i like what i think from the goofy crap to just things that you look at life in a different way especially people skills stuff , things that im just not great at it has helped me think about things in a better way in a few cases that i can think of.


Yup. Unforunatley, it's too true.


Wow. Wow. That's horrible. Even though it's not my business, I'm not sure I could've kept my mouth shut on that one.