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Pentagon Video



i dont see it having been posted yet, this is the video that was finally released re the pentagon attack. I was expecting something different, but the clips from the one camera have been leaked for a while. nothing special otherwise...


Two things strike me:

How can anyone think that something other than an airliner struck the Pentagon? Stupid left-wing conspiracies. It happened it broad daylight to the largest building in the country with probably 10,000 witnesses.

Why do people think they have an absolute RIGHT to know EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING? Some things should be secret, especially if it involves a Top Secret investigation and national security. Let's just tell the bad guys exactly what we are doing.


when there were 1.0000000000 witnesses why has nobody taken just one picture. proof me wrong, but there is not ONE picture showing a crashed plane.





Conspiracy nuts are ridiculous by nature, but these 9/11 nutjobs really make me want to puke.


People that deny the moon landing or obsess about Roswell are amusing.

Shifting blame and spreading lies about mass murder is a completely different matter. It is disgusting.


Hey, stupid. Ever seen a plane crash into a building? Of course you have. Twin Towers. Why didn't the thing come flying out the other side? Because it freakin disintegrated into tiny pieces. Planes don't have real good frontal impact ratings.


Except for those who see the world through fox news eyes - I don`t know what happened on 9/11 and neither does one of you. We all know just versions from different sources some more some less trustworthy.

And because people died and are still dying of the attacks thats all the more reason the government should eliminate the doubt.

I just wonder: There should be 1.000 cameras around the pentagon and all they filmed was this? There would be no room for conspiracy if they just showed a video of the plane crashing into the pentagon. What is the great deal about that?


There it is...the "I personally need to know everything" mentality. I saw the same stuff on CNN, BBC, ABC, CBS, NBC...A freakin airplane hit the building. Is that so hard to believe? If it didn't happen, where are the people who were on the plane? We know they boarded the flight. If that plane didn't crash where are they?

Maybe the plane took off with secret CIA pilots at the controls who brainwashed the passengers to keep them quiet and flew them to a secret island off of the Bahamas. Then, the government flew a missile into the Pentagon and blamed it on terrorists. What's your theory?


My theorie is that I dont want a theorie but bulletproof evidence that the official version is correct - considering the consquences the attacks had. I dont think that there is a conspiracy, but I am wondering why there never was a real picture or video of the plane.


So, because YOU personally haven't seen this evidence, you assume there's a cover up? The pictures of shreaded airplane parts didn't do it for you? Why do YOU need bulletproof evidence? Maybe that stuff is still classified? Maybe the Pentagon isn't covered with cameras as you suggest? There is video of Vietnam, Korea, Desert Storm...that is still classified. Believe it or not, the media doesn't know everything. So, just because it hasn't shown up in the New York Times doesn't mean it doesn't exist.


You conspiracy nuts are: disgusting, uncredible, and mentally unfit. Hey I won the argument without even thinking, that was easy!

Seriously though I can rationalize without even thinking that a plane did hit the pentagon because of the cameras at the gas station, Sheraton hotel, highway, and other locations all clearly videotaped a plane. You just can't see them because of national security of how air planes travel through the air.

'Typically' the thin framed nose of an aircraft should be expected to punch a consistent ring through 5 layers of reinforced steel concrete (without actually burning materials in the proximity of the rings) and leave a smell of cordite with over 5300 gallons of fuel not disturbing the lawn after flying at 530 mph 2 feet above the ground piloted by a man who flight instructors said were "completely incompetent" "they were clueless it was clear to me they werent going to make it as pilots" flew 530 mph 2 feet off the ground in a way that

Dulles air traffic controllers stated that "the object we were viewing had the maneuverability like a military plane."

Just kidding a plane hit the building the TV even said so.


A gripping argument, your shutting this debate down! Debating the source of the claim and not the claim itself, you are wise beyond your years.


But just because it does not show up does not mean it exists also.
Considering that the attacks were a main cause for wars guesswork is really not good enough.


Considering the two WARS started from from THIS incident, in cominbation with such secrecy, inconsistencies, and abnormalities, of course you nut-job.

Maybe...Maybe...so in a cataclysmic strike in which the solution, as you just suggested, lies with in revealing information, which isn't being revealed shows that nothing exists in contradiction to support a position, quite a rational stance.


Anyone that thinks our incompetent federal government could get their act together enough to pull off a conspiracy of this magnitude is just and absolute moron!


Why is this a LEFT-WING conspiracy theory? I mean, many of the conspiracy theorists on this particular event are clearly anti-Semitic. You know as well as I do that anti-Semitism has been a hallmark of right-wing extremists, not left-wing.

Stop blaming everything on the Left. It makes you look like a mindless moron.


You are rambling because you have nothing intelligent to say yet you can't let these disgusting conspracy theories die.

It is very sad.


There are also plenty of leftist anti-semites. They just try to pretend they are anti-zionist.

The 9/11 conspiracy theories have been exploited by some on the left. Howard Dean comes to mind.

The fact is these theories are embraced by people on the far right and people on the far left because there are crazy extremists on both sides.