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Penny vs Cloe

I see this place filling up with debates about if one imaginary character would win against another so here we go…

Sidekick vs Sidekick.

Penny from Inspector Gadget faces off vs Cloe from Smallville. Both are beat as hell and looking for a beat down. All computer geekery and gagetry are in. No temporary powers are permited such as Braniac Cloe.

P.S. Keep a close look out for the sequel to this thread.

Star Trek Ultimate Battle!!!
Original Kirk Enterprise vs the Next Generation Picard Enterprise

Get ready for some truely geeky debates detailing why one Enterprise would win in a battle based on technology differences, personell, and past battle analysis, etc. A debate that will truely never end or have a victor but will surely drive you to put a gun in your mouth and blow your fucking head off.


I’ve never watched Smallville, and I don’t know who Chloe is, but Penny’s little computer book could do any damn thing.

i’ve never seen either show, but i googled chloe from smallville and she’s pretty cute so i’m gonna have to give her the win

Yeah Chloe isn’t bad and Penny should be a similar age at this point. Maybe a mud wrestling showdown is in order.