Penny Price at Age 51 Still Got It

Penny Price at age 51 Still GOT IT!!

During 25 chin ups at age 51 after 4 kids!!

using 100 lbs dumbells during oxygen photo shoot and tossing it around like it nothing at age 51

That’s going to annoy Nadia! Heh.

When I was in high school, I had two black and white prints on my wall that I ordered directly from Penny. She was beautifully muscled and pretty. Still is apparently.

[quote]Cal Jones wrote:
That’s going to annoy Nadia! Heh.[/quote]

Annoy? No fucking way. I love it. Awesome.

damn - not sure if I could handle that DB-

whoever she is, that is some bad-ass action, there~

I’ll just say it. The 100lb db “playing,” she did looked fake. If it wasn’t then so be it.

I fully support women lifting heavy.

The DBs are just photo shoot props. That’s why she was laughing. Most of the weights in the mags are not real.

wow you look amazing!

Haha lol@ DBs. Sick chins though

I didn’t think of a second that was a real DB. But the chins are impressive.