Pennsylvania Personal Trainers

I’m thinking of getting into personal training on a part-time basis. I’m scoping out some local gyms that have personal trainers on staff and I was wondering if anyone here has an nsca cert, lives in PA (preferably northeast) and if so roughly how much they make. I don’t wanna be nosy but I have nothing to compare these places to and I want to see if they are on par for the area. I’m a student and right now I have to work 8pm-4am which pretty much blows. Any information/personal experiences would be great. Thanks.

i dont know about there, but i work in a gym myself. no im not a personal trainer, but what i do know is the salary is low (so ive been told, i myself was never told the actual number). BUUUTTTTT the trainers also get money from their clients ($50 per client, here anyways.) and each trainer gets clients daily.

pretty sure you already knew this, and this post might be completly useless to you.