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Penn State's Season


Penn State has what has been known for some time as a HIT program. Some on here have said that was their demise from being one of the best in the nation to being a laughing stock. Has their strength program changed? The turn of events this year for Penn State is odd, but maybe the Big 10 is down (they are). Michigan sucks like they never do and even Ohio Sate is off. D oa search here on Penn State and you willhear about their S&C program.


Bottom line==Pen St. finally has some athletes again. Yes the Big 10 is not a powerhouse, though I think that top to bottom they are very good, They just don't have a Nat'l contender hiding in there.

Have you found your 'special purpose' yet?


what these programs are doing for s&c is completely irrelavent. these training regimens arent going to make or break the athletes. breaston prob ran a 4.4 coming into michigan and will run that or less at the combine, regardless of whether or not hes been doing 25 rep sets of pec deck. these people are born athletes, you cant take away from that in 5 months out of a year.


D.Will and Justin King have been the difference. They provided much needed speed and athleticism to their anemic offense. PSU's D has been pretty damn good for the last 3 years. What will be interesting is how they perform after this season. A lot of their key players on D are JR's and SR's save for Connor and a couple others. The stiffs they've been recruiting the last couple of years will be the guys they count on soon. One thing is for sure, this surprise season is really going to help their recruiting if they keep it up.


I'm a PSU alum and U I agree about the athletes. The last few years of PSU losing had a lot to do with a large amount of recruits that didn't pan out. 04 was the fifth year for an app. top five class.

Some classes don't pan out. The problems were especially evident at wideout. They had no one that could catch the last two years. you could continually load up agaisnst the run and shut them down.

Derick Willaims and Justin King have run high 4.29 or so. That's as fast as anyone in football. they did this when they were 14, or at least williams did at eh NIke camp.

Athletes win, not strength training. strength training can help, but the great are born, not made. In the cases of the all time greats, they were born and then worked hard.


Well-said. Improved strength traiing is one of the last things I would think of when evaluating a perforance jump for a college football team. I have to say this weekend was great. I've been a Michigan fan forever though I am from Phila. and do like Joe Pat. But the PSU fans that came in for the game were such assholes that it felt extra great to win. They took over all our bars, and spent 4 fucking hours Friday night, screaming. "We are...Penn State." There were numerous fights. The tune was a little different Saturday night as they crawled back to the bus. Amazing game, though. And a great football weekend in general.



Being a hardcore Giants fan and a current student at Penn State, I'm not really used to this whole winning thing. It is quite exhilerating, not to mention tailgate mud-wrestling is a great way to stay in shape!!!


I heard the students were on fall break and there seemed to be more PSU fans than UM fans about.

I also won't get into the two seconds, fumble, and out of bounds stuff.