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Penn State


So what I can't figure out about this...and the Barnett case in the past is how people can know these things and help cover it up. I mean the people committing the crimes are obviously sick, but almost as bad are the guys that sweep it under the rug in the name of self interest.


Hell this one too

Is it part of being a successful division 1 coach to be able to lose all concern for anything but winning?


Just a horrible, horrible situation....those poor kids.

Here is a fantastic take on it.



The cowardly cover-up similarities between Penn State and the Catholic Church are amazing.
I wonder about people who actually witness this crime and don't either (a) immediately call 911 and/or (b) immediately get, and take a baseball bat to the attacker. WTF? I'm thinking of the grad student, McQueery, here. And why did this guy get a pass and not get fired?


This is a very good piece, UL.



fire the entire staff, anyone who knew something and didnt call police must be fired. anyone who can be charged as accesory after the fact shoukld be charged. i hope nebraska kicks the shlt outta them sat. i will never support psu again.. mccreary is a punk ass and should be stomped too.


sick and tired of our world now. people allowing crimes like this to continue because they dont want to get involved, or its not my problem. bs. stand up and protect the children for Gods sake..


Off topic, but I bet this is one endorsement Obama wishes he didn't have.


I saw a riot of students protesting some of these guys getting fired.

I hope somebody blows up the stadium.


And neither will ever get to live it down, despite the fact that the vast majority of folks in both camps are equally horrified and innocent and indeed at some level, victims. Both Penn state and the church have to endure these scars forever. Time will not heal it totally.




It's no wonder that as a coach, he was almost maniacally concerned with 'penetrating the backfield'. :slight_smile:


Eh, they are just dumb opportunist kids.... I am sure most Penn state are horrified and grossed out...Especially the players who played under this guy and admired him.
Keep in mind for most folks every time somebody look at their degree hanging on the wall, the words 'child rape' will come to mind...


What kind of pussy sees a kid getting raped and doesn't do shit about it? If it was me, I would have knocked his old ass, kid fucking white ass out.


I'm not sure if I'm the only PSU student on here, but I think I can speak for the majority of our student body.

First of all, one man committed this crime. Others covered for him, but it all comes down to that one man in the shower. One man is not Penn State. This is aimed at those who say they've lost all respect for our school, and "hope someone blows up the stadium." All because of one man? Ok, about 10% of our student body made a mess downtown.

That group is not Penn State. Penn State is 40,000 students from all over the world. Penn State is THON, the largest philanthropic project in any college, anywhere, raising money for kids with cancer. Penn State is an institution which provides some of the highest quality education in the world.

Furthermore, don't judge those rioting kids too hard. What they did is clearly wrong and stupid, but you have no idea what it's like to be here right now. You know that feeling right after you get home from a family member's funeral? The house doesn't feel right. Everyone tries to act like everything's ok, but everyone knows it's not. That's what this campus feels like. It's like we lost a family member. We are so proud of our school and everything it stands for.

We are so proud of our football team and it's (ex)coach who's been here since before our parents were born. JoePa was our fearless, virtuous leader. Most of us have idolized the man and the school since we were children, and coming here is a dream come true. Now, we find out that maybe everything's not what it seems in Happy Valley. I know you don't understand, but this is our home.

Our world is crushed. Those kids, most of whom are fresh out of high school, didn't know any other way to express their confusion and surge of emotion. Our older students stay away from these things for the most part. That doesn't make it right, but those kids are not evil.

The world is rightfully disgusted with the actions of the that man and our school's administration. The thing that people all over the world don't seem to understand is that we too are disgusted and ashamed. We're used to standing tall and proudly stating that We Are... Penn State. Now what do we do? None of us raped any kids, or covered it up, but that's the only thing people think of when they hear our name now.

It makes me sick to think that our glorious school has been reduced to a haven for child rapists by popular opinion, all because of the actions of a few men in power.

I keep hearing talking heads ask, "What can Penn State do to rebuild its reputation?" The answer is, exactly the same things we've always been doing. We'll keep providing high quality education. We'll keep hosting visitors from opposing teams with class. We'll keep raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for the kids every year.

We are the same Penn State we have always been, and always will be.


I understand school (and church) pride, but sometimes it goes over the top.
Sometimes it gets so damn trumped up that it can fog ones vision and judgement.
Then the focus is on protecting and preserving the sacred image and money machine, instead of sound judgement. (Like the Catholic Church)

JoePa said it best when he retired (was fired)....slowly and with emphasis on each word......~I . will . spend . the . rest . of . my . life . supporting . Penn . State ~ Under the circumstances, that statement was subtly inappropriate and revealed the problem....and showed that he still doesn't get it. He was blind to what was going on. It was irrelevant to him in the bigger picture of the machine he was running. Later...he came out with a statement about the kids...an afterthought.....probably suggested by his publicist or attorney.

These child abuse cover-ups are just pride gone bad...IMHO. Fortunately, it looks like some decent laws are going to come out of it. A few states are now looking to enact laws that will make it a crime to NOT report sexual child abuse to law enforcement, immediately. Who knew we needed a law for that?


Would you say the majority of current PSU students support Joe Paterno and are against his firing? What is the general consensus on campus?


No, not because of one man. Not even because of the handful of other men who didn't report or try to stop him after finding out that he was raping little boys.

I want to see the stadium go down in flames because of all the jackass protestors who were more upset that their hobby of watching grown men play a FUCKING GAME was being upset because some people got fired for not reporting a grown man for raping little boys.

How the fuck do you put a GAME on the same level as CHILD RAPE? How does it even cross your mind to be bothered that your football coach got fired because he knew someone was FUCKING LITTLE BOYS IN THE ASS and did nothing about it?


It's not about pride, it's about those words being associated with you no matter what for no reason. The truth is in both cases very, very few people are involved, but everybody gets tainted and painted. Everybody who is involved should be sodomized with blunt objects and then shot, but no matter what this is what Penn state will be remembered for. Just like the Church. One lawyer is responsible for all the allegations. Some where true some were not. The allegations are front page news, the acquittals are page 50 news. Penn state gets to feel our pain now.


Case in point...Funny, but it goes to show there are approximately 400,000 victims here.


Did nothing about it? He reported it to his boss and the police. The district attorney officially said that there were not sufficient grounds to prosecute. When the district attorney says nothing is going to happen, nothing is going to happen, and a football coach who didn't even witness the crimes is not going to be able to change that.

And nobody gave a damn what happened to our football team. You do not understand what Joe Paterno means to this town. He built this place. Penn State would be nothing like it is (was) without him. The man is a legend and a hero. The library is named after him. There's a statue of him at the stadium. The protesters didn't care that our football team would suffer. They cared that Joe would suffer.

There's 110,000 people in that stadium, not counting players, coaches, and stadium staff. There were around 5,000 protesters. 10% of our student body. Most of them won't even be at the stadium, so you're talking about burning about 109,000 people who had nothing to do with any of this. You act like every person involved with Penn State is rioting, and none of us care about the kids. Did you know that the day after these protests, there was a vigil for the victims with 20,000 students? Of course not.