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Penn State USAPL Meet


Hey guys/girls,

I made a new account for the team, I'm not a troll. I've been on these forums for a couple years. I just wanted to let you all know about the meet we are holding at PSU. It is at the main campus on November 5th. It is usapl sanctioned and it is an OPEN meet.

There will be a few companies there to promote it. This is our biggest fundraiser for our nationals trip to Baton Rouge this April. It's going to be a great meet, should be a ton of viewers checking it out and I'm working on getting some good stuff to give away!

Our club link is http://www.clubs.psu.edu/up/powerlifting/ or just google psu powerlifting and our site pops up first.
and there is a button on the left to register.

Our club email is psupowerclub@hotmail.com

It would be great if anyone wants to come out and join us. If you are rolling solo, and need help with gear, let me know ahead of time so I can find away to help you out. It will be a fun and competitive atmosphere.


Hey there,

Do you guys have any PSU team apparel? I'm a PSU alum, and I'd love a PSU powerlifting shirt! Let me know.


Absolutely we do. Come support us and by a meet shirt! Email me at psupowerclub@hotmail.com and when we get the order form for apparel, I will send you one.

We just got hooked up with AtLarge Nutrition and the top male and female geared lifters and the top male and female raw lifters will be getting $100 gift cards!


I'll go. Sounds awesome!


That sounds good, I am competing on Oct 22nd..so I am not sure if I would make this one. Do you folks have other meets in the area? I compete in ADAU (Raw) but would be open towards other comps in PA. I wish we would have had powerlifting at Pitt.


Why do the records only go back so far? Matt Machtay won the uspf collegiates in 1984 I think with a total about 1000 at 123 for example . We lifted in both uspf and adfpa back then btw.


I will be spotting at that meet! That is pretty close together.


We haven't been able to contact anyone from the older days. If you have proof or contacts, please email us with this info. Also, if you have any scan-able pictures, that would be awesome.


Ok. Cool. Jay Siegel , son of al Siegel, who is recently deceased lives in Clearfield yet I think . He might have some info.

I'll google matt Machtay and post back .



Here's an article about matt .

I might try to be up and see the meet.


That is who we use for trophies and medals. Very sad to lose him.

I'm working on getting food and water sponsors for all lifters, and maybe there coaches. The entry fee is 65, but it will be completely worth it. I am still waiting to hear back from other companies about giving away more free stuff at the meet. MyHouseSportsGear will be giving away Free Weight lifting belts!


Pm me your address, maybe I can help out.


Current sponsors

AtLarge- top 4 = gift cards
MyHouseSportsGear = going to give away a couple free belts!
Victory Gym (state college)


Garage Ink

Working with a couple more companies now!


I'll be up almost for sure. I can help somehow or ART some guys if needed . Check is in the mail btw.


Thank you again Tom. Looking forward to meeting you!

Just got some stuff in the mail from dps and animal pak to give away!


Awesome ! Where is the meet? Rec hall ? White building?


It's going to be in the IM building again this year, up on Curtin rd.


Hey guys, Matt Machtay is a very close friend of mine, I noticed you're looking to contact him so I signed up for this website. Shoot me a pm and I can give you his contact information, would be nice if you could give me some info about yourself and why you want to contact him so I'm not giving out his information to complete strangers.