Penn and Teller Show: Sleeping Pills

Penn and Teller Bullshit
Anyone see it?

Is the sleep formula Biotest offers similar to the ‘pills’ talking about in the show.

I haven’t seen that particular show, but Penn and Teller have some rather set ideas and like to inject a lot of spin without even attempting to be neutral. For instance, they rarely actually confront proponents with their criticisms and when they do they generally select the more ignorant and poorly spoken people to defend a particular viewpoint.

But again, I can’t comment on the particular material itself–but take what you see on that show with a grain of salt.

[quote]Scatman22 wrote:
Penn and Teller Bullshit
Anyone see it?

Is the sleep formula Biotest offers similar to the ‘pills’ talking about in the show.[/quote]

I have it on my Tivo at home but have yet to watch it. I’ll check it out tonight.

That guy had a horrible hormonal profile.

penn & teller show is kinda of like a debate, where only one debater shows up. It is not journalism, and does not attempt to be fair. I have not seen this show in particular, but even when you completely agree with their stand, you have to admit that the opponents arguement is stronger than portrayed.

Great show, I personally feel they represent both sides to the story. However, they do pick arguments that are an easy win, this might be why it seems so one sided. They do their research and present the facts.
I mean come on the episode of porn leading to pedophilia? Anyone who thinks this way is a fool. However, they managed to find a fool with a PHD preaching her garbage to a classroom full of students and expose her. Good stuff, I hope that bitch lost her job.

Just watched this on the Tivo. My thoughts:

Fatty McLardass was a huge angry bastard. I love how he tried everything to improve his sleep, even “dieting and exercise”. Cearly he gave that a fair chance because he was only about 350lbs.

And his argument against “sleeping pills” was absurd. Tylenol PM is not a self induced coma dipshit.

I’m not sure where they found that quack of a doctor, but what an insult to everyone with a Phd. All he did was make huge idiotic blanket statements like “Sleeping aids cause cancer, heart disease, and cripple your immune function.” and “People who only get 5-7 hours of sleep per night live longer than those who get more than 8 hours.” Fuck. Off.

The mattress sales men deserve to be made a laughing stock for the claims they made. A better mattress will do nothing more than make you more comfortable.

No memory foam or coils are going to cure insomnia. (I will say though that I recently went to HOM Furniture and laid down on a $4200 mattress and pretty much wanted to take a nap right then and there. That thing beyond sleeping bliss.)

As for the OP’s original question, Z-12 contains tryptophan, which is the amino acid that they couldn’t stop talking about in the show. Thank god for concentrated, encapsulated form! It is a perfectly safe product that myself and many others use because it works very well.

Didn’t see it, but that doctor sounds pretty far out there. Even Mercola wouldn’t say sleeping pills cause cancer.

I would say it depends on the pill. The benzodiazepine & hypnotic based drugs do alter brain activity during the night. It is still much better than not sleeping though.

Other drugs/supplements, have been shown to improve sleep quality. This is especially true in individuals who have poor sleep quality due to anxiety/depression.