Penis size

Just like most guys like girls with big boobs, most girls like guys with big dicks. However, girls don’t carry with the measurement tapes, meaning that their assesment of our size is visual. Which brings me to my point. If you get buffed, won’t your penis appear to be small in proportion to your body? After all, 2 guys could be 6’, one weighting 200 lb and another 150 lb. If their member are the same size, won’t the skinnier guy look bigger?

I doubt it… the size comparison will be relative to her own body not relative to yours. I would think so anyway.

What you are saying makes sense for a photo however.

Reminds me of a Pro wrestler I used to know named Sandy Beach (a very big dude) who liked to ‘brag’ about how small his penis was. He told a story about a chick laughing when he dropped his drawers and asking “who are you gonna please with that thing?” To which he responded “Myself.”

Yes, I would say you have a point on the optical illusion. Thats why big legs appear shorter and some of the huge BB’s look like pinheads(no pun intended). A size D cup will also look much larger on a skinny girl than on a fat one.

As Bill says, once you feel it, even with your hand,the truth will set you free. Besides size, did you know that some penises are more attractive than others? I had a friend who used to say “its little, but it’s pretty” I never confirmed that myself, but some of his girlfriends agreed with him.

do gay guys like guys with big dicks?.

True for a photo or porno. Being well over 6ft I could vouch for that. When you see a guy on film with a dick that comes up to his navel he is probably like 5’7 or so.

I must have a low navel for my height then. I’m 6’2" and it reaches my navel when I’m laying on my back. The biggest I’ve ever been is 215 but the only thing that really makes it look small in comparison is any form of stimulant like the ECA stack, or a really cold room.

The skinnier guy won’t look bigger. I once dated a guy who was really built and really hung, and there weren’t any questions when he dropped trou. The proportional idea sounds okay in theory, but I don’t think it “measures up” when put to practice.

I meant standing up without pulling on it.

I think leaness adds quite a bit to the illusion of size. As my bf drops it keeps getting longer. Shaving adds even more. Also, I have a very narrow pelvis so swinging it hip-to-hip looks impressive. Unless I hit 220# I’m not going to worry about it.

I have heard that up to an inch in length can be hidden by fat. Drop the fat and reveal more pecker.

Speaking of penis size, Im wondering (from my experience) whats with the cockiness of guys that are super hung? Its almost like having a huge penis makes them think they are more of a man. Quite a turn-off.

I was wondering, is “BF” body fat or boyfriend???

No I think “bf” means “buffalo”.

men can add over an inch to their length by losing abdominal fat. as someone else mentioned close cropped pubic hair makes things look larger, as does a shaved sack. i think the ‘realtive’ part of the issue is not a big deal, unless you are dating a ‘player’ she probably didn’t see someone else’s penis in the close past so it’ll look just fine.

“A tree looks taller surrounded by grass than it does sorrounded by shrubs.” ancient Chinese proverb.