Penis Pumps

Just wondering if anyone has ever use penis pumps. If so do the make your dong bigger.

I’ve never used one but I have read a few things about them. The original one was made by a back yard inventer to help deal with erectile dysfunction. He put a tire pump on a cylinder with a seal around the base and away he went. To keep the erection a rubber or elastic cock ring was stretched around the base of the penis. Along came the fetish guys. They adopted it for their very own. Sure, while your unit is in the unit it’s bigger because of the vacuum but any size increase is temporary. Also the places it bulges out due to the differences in tissue elasticity make it look like some kind of an alien creature. You can also burst blood vessels and cause real damage. Do a web search on it, you might even find some of the nasty pictures I ran across. Reading up on it alleviated some boredom one afternoon and it made me feel sorry for the poor bastards that do that kind of shit to themselves. My recommendation is not to worry about the size of your dick. Most chicks don’t care and the ones that do, well I guess they just aren’t your type. Happy surfing.

It’s not mine baby!

Are you fucking serious? Pleast tell me your kidding. YOu may have a cock the size of a toothpick but, I bet you have really hairy balls for posting this. Mad props yo, mad props, I am giving you a whole new level of respect just for posting this.

Son of a bitch, I’m laughing so hard right now I,m having a hard(pardon the pun) time staying erect. Oh, shit penis pumps. Did you watch Austin Powers last night? Damn penis pumps,clit dolls, penis creams. Penis pumps, give it another pump James, fuck I thinfk I,m about to explode!! Shit give me the clit doll,hurry!!! Hot damn, what a piece. This shit is priceless.

I’ve never used one (I’ve got a massive 8 incher =P) but Id assume they’d be painful and have non-permanent results. If your just average (5.5 or so) I wouldnt worry about it, if your small and want to change that there’s some other stuff out there but Im not sure if it works… The pumps just look painful though.

Just check out