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Penis Pills for Gains


I was at the grocery store the other day waiting for friend so I went to the magazines section, couldnt remember which mag I read, but some guy wrote that he was taking enlargement pills and during his workouts he would feel more energy. And his gains(muscle) were noticed more.

I thought to myself, weird...but wouldnt it be similar as taking a T-Booster? Cuz I trully believe enlargement pills is just horse sh!t(just my thought).

What do you guys think, full of SH!T? or possibly true?

Anybody else read this? If so which mag is it?


I think it would be very similiar to taking a Placebo. I doubt anything in those "enlargement pills" would even raise Test levels a noticable ammount. Perhaps check out whats in a given brand - see if its just a shitload of horny goat weed [guaranteed to give you 9 inches!].


Brain, are you serious about horny goat weed? does it really do that?! Just wonderin if u were jokin or not


Pure bullshit. Save your money.


Just use Alpha Male.

It'll make your penis bigger too.


Nah, it won't do shit downstairs. I've just seen a heap of 'extender' pills and when you look whats in them, its usually shit like that, and has such rediculous claims on the bottle.


Supposedly those are vasodilators which expand blood vessels. This is supposed to give the illusion of a larger penis when it's erect. It would also make pumps more noticable which could make you think you've gotten bigger.

I did notice back in the day when I took arginine that I got harder erections and my pumps did seem noticably bigger. However, I have read some reports saying it's all bogus and can't rule out my experience being due to placebo.


Taking L-Arginine does increase blood flow to tissue, particularly erectile tissue. But its an excellent way to get a cold-sore re-currence if you have had one before. Just thought I'd add that.

Anyway, the stuff aimed at increasing sexual performance and sensation and also now the stuff designed to make you do spectacular 'cum shots' (like Peter North) are quite interesting. I was looking at this stuff 'Maximum Pills' and its got some great stuff in it.

You could use this stuff down the gym, I broke down the ingredients and figured how each bit could have bodybuilding usage. Erm, the Zinc looks useful and Horny Goat weed, but depends what you are going to actually do down the gym workout or have sex ?


Stick with Alpha Male, tried and proven by the many people who have successfully used it here.


Can you expand a bit on the cold sore bit (sorry to get off topic). I unfortunately have the lovely virus that causes cold sores and was wondering what imapct L-Arginine has.


Proteins of the herpes simplex virus are rich in L-arginine, and its documented that ingesting Arginine in free form and maybe Arginine rich foods too (like some nuts) can contribute to outbreaks or oral herpes lesions (or Cold-Sores to you and me).

You could prevent, but not treat Cold Sores by ingesting a load of L-Lysine which knocks out Arginine in a competition for entry into tissue cells somewhat. (That explanation is not particularly scientific). Trying to get rid of actual cold sores that are established and hanging off your lips by taking Lysine though would be like trying to stop busses driving past your house by blowing up oil refineries in the middle east.


Thank you sir! much appreciated


Better bet is use a topical ointment containing an anti viral drug called 'acyclovir'. You get it in a little (damn tiny even) tube from the pharmacy under the name Zovirax or generic labels like 'Herpetad'. Its best used when you feel one coming rather than when you have a full blown sore swinging from your lip.

Acyclovir is specific inhibitor of herpesvirus DNA polymerase. That's the mechanism.


You need to take it with L-Ornithine and another amino that I can't recall or it will make you more prone to cold sores. I have taken it for months with the other aminos with no problem. The store I purchased from sold a formula that had all the necessary aminos as I would guess any decent store would.

Btw, L-Arginine has had positive study results in aiding Erectile Dysfunction. So we know that it probably increase blood flow (at least in certain individuals).

But it certainly not as powerful as a Cialis, for example, and if it's in any "penis extender" products would certainly be laughable imo...