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Penis Feels Disconnected from My Body

Has anyone ever had the disconnected feeling like your penis is not even attached? That is what pushed me over the edge to start HRT (Had many other issues but that is what really did it for me). Once starting it went away fast! The Dr starting me too high though caused issues so this is the 2nd time he has dropped my dosing. Issue is past 2 days I have started to get the disconnected numb feeling again. Also previous to HRT I was having some prostate issues where I would pee…be done and then end up dribbling my my boxers. That has also returned the past 2 days. Any insight to this would be great.

HCG and Test previous to Dr dropping me my 2nd time was 75 test 2 x per week and HCG 500 IU 3x per week. (If you want to see my bloodwork results check out my other thread)

Currently 50 test 2 x per week and HCG 250 IU 2x per week This I believe is going on week 3 on this regime.

Any time you make a protocol change you should wait at least 6 weeks before you make any assessment of changes. Until that time period is met, your body could do all kinds of things because the levels are still wildly fluctuating. Give it some time.

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Ok will do. Thanks and I will be getting bloodwork done in a few more weeks. I did have to change my anastrozole as the high high dose Dr has me on was making me feel like I had the flu most of the week.

Be careful with the AI on 50mg x 2 per week Test.

Very easy to crash your E2 at that T dosage. Most people don’t need an AI at all on 100mg per week, but I don’t know how much of a factor the HCG is playing on your E levels.

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Previously my Dr had me on 4mg a week…and my Estrodiol was at 34 with a ref range of <or=39 pg/ml

I kept getting flu like symptoms and determined it was from such a high dose. I recently dropped it to 2.25 and felt better. He dropped my test and HCG but wanted me to still take 4mg a week.

4mg a week is a very high dose. That’s likely why you feel like shit.

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Damn, that’s approaching breast cancer dosing. Low E2 can cause decreased penile sensitivity. Testosterone can increase prostate size.


Penile sensitivity, ejaculate volume and BPH are 3 things TRT(3+years) didnot improve for me.
A high T dose (Free T at upper range) will boost my libido but it does not make my penis work or feel any better. If these are issues you are trying to fix you might want to keep looking.

Libido and arousal are better off being addressed through neurotransmitters. At least I believe.

Dopamine and serotonin being the keys…

Libido significantly improved for me. Seems like TRT helps libido in most. Not everyone though, a lot of moving parts there.

It did help…helped within 2 weeks of starting and helped for months. It has just been this past week everything is dipping again.

Yes def felt better on 2.25 this week. I am not red and flushed…no sick flu like symptoms etc. I would like it even lower than that but will wait until after bloodwork in a few weeks.

Any tips for improving those?

I believe what you experienced is what many call the honeymoon phase of TRT.
Here’s what I think happens. Your body is starved for T over many years and your body makes tons of extra T receptors. When you start getting lots of extra T all those receptors become very happy. You become very happy but then the body stops making all those extra receptors and you fall from the honeymoon phase. many of us spend years and thousands of dollars trying to get that honeymoon back but I don’t believe any of us do. So you move on to the next best thing. High enough Free T that your libido kicks in and you start a Nitric oxide stack to improve penis function. That still will not give you the feeling of your 20 back. Those days are gone.

Damn bro, way to burst that bubble lol. But seriously, I do believe there a honeymoon phase beyond the endogenous hormone production shutdown one. What’s your nitric oxide stack include btw? I used to take Citrulline Malate back in the day.

To the OP: I’m experiencing the disconnected dick feeling right now and have been for a few days. I’m only two weeks into a new protocol though so I’m likely all over the place hormonally. I am so mentally turned on a lot of the time but my dick literally doesn’t even twitch, terrible feeling, hoping it passes soon. My anxiety is starting to creep up slightly too, after about 7-8 days of feeling decent.

2.5mg cialis, 1mg Doxazosin, 3g L-Arginine, 6g L-Citrulline taken once in the morning on non gym days. Taken morning and bedtime on gym days. Been doing this stack for about 2 years it gives me a great pump at the gym, excellent vascularity and I can get and hold an errection for pretty much as long as I want. That is probably do to the loss of penile sensitivity. I have to really concentrate to finish. Which is the exact opposite of when I was 20. Jimmys on 1st base Garys on 2nd Sally hits a home run whats the score. HaHa. Good old boring baseball to keep the mind off of the deed.


That’s quite the stack! Do you think the loss of sensitivity is due to TRT? When I was on TRT for the first time last year my erections wouldn’t quit (which was great) but I noticed my sensitivity had gone down, not a lot but noticeable enough.

I get the scrip drugs from india not because I can’t get them here in the US its the price. 2.5mg Cialis is 3 bucks a pill in the US its .30 cents from india. There is no bigger drug cartel than the US big pharma industry and its lobbyist.

loss of sensitivity is due to TRT?
Most of my loss I believe is age related but that said I do think TRT does not help in that area. All TRT did for me was bring my libido back.

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So true, I sometimes see the constant flow of pharmaceutical ads on daytime television when I’m in a doctors office or something. It’s sick and airing of these ads is not allowed in other countries.

Man, my first go with TRT gave me my life back. This second try, after TRT withdrawal, is proving to be hard. Sometimes I wonder if the withdrawal messed me up permanently.

I’ve never heard of that but once the TRT honeymoon is over you really need to work at it. Get your protocol dialed in, dump the bro-science BS, get you butt to the gym and restart your love life with the significant other. It take time and effort but you will be amazed how much you can get back.