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penis envy

Hey guys! The question is this: Do you get nervious the first time a girl sees your penis?I know that most girls are self concious of their bodies, are men and of their penis? Please respond.


not when you are hung like me.

With all the girl talking girls do how could a guy not get nervous? Imagine how a bacterium feels when it’s put under a slide & had a lens lowered down on top of it. & don’t girls get nervous about guys seeing their boobs when there are girls like Pam Lee & them showing all their stuff? It works both ways.

The only girls who are afraid to show their boobs are the ones who don’t really have any. If they’re built like Pam, etc. then they have nothing to worry about, because they know they will be appreciated and admired. Despite all this hoopla about being thin, girls know their curves are appreciated. And for the record, unless you are really, really small, the size of your dick doesn’t matter to most women. This is all a male-fueled fantasy. It’s how you use it that counts with most women!

kind of like a bellybutton?

i only get nervous if my boobs are out there and i am not drunk. but being butt naked is nervewracking in front of a guy no matter how many times he’s seen it: i don’t even like seeing it in the mirror myself because i am so self-conscious.

if that bellybutton is one HHHUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGEEEEEEEEE bellybutton…

To the contrary, gorilla, i’ve heard you’re an innie. but hey what the hell? “every guy could be bigger”

laugh Pantydropper - OUCH grin Anyway, I’m always nervous the fist few times… weither I’m seeing him or he’s seeing me.

true pantydropper does not know about your hangings, however the real pantydropper to ngabcool says I’d have to see for myself to judge. But I’d rather not since I know where you live…

Alright, I’m wondering here, what is really small? Average is something like 6-7 inches right? So small is what? 5? 4? 2? Maybe we can get a little feedback from the t-vixens’ experience on ‘smallness’.

Size doesn’t matter. Except when you break up with her. In that case if you are small (I’m not sure what size that might be) she will tell all of her girlfriends. A female friend of mine told me this one which has since been cooberated by other female friends. So, don’t be too nervous the first time she sees you, it’s after the last time that you have to worry about.

Okay, serious question here. WHY, exactly, are you girls getting nervous? Are you afraid that the guy’s going to see you and start screaming or something? A little explication, please…

I think whenever they did self-measure tests, the averages reported at 6-6.5 inches. When they had researchers measure the men, the average went down to 5.2. At least, that’s what I’ve read.

Average is 5-6 inches. Size really doesn’t matter all that much, as long as it can be felt. I knew a girl in college who swore her boyfriend was about an inch and a half long… pretty much just a head. If you’re bigger than that, just learn to use what you have.

michelle, that sounds like micropenis. These days, they usually either give some type of topical steroid to induce penis growth early (kids usually get an extra inch or two this way), or surgically change the boy kid into a girl one.

Hey! I think alot of us get nervous, but we don´t talk about it much. Once a girl told me `during the act´ that I was so big. Later, I told her that she didn´t need to try to flatter me, I´d been in alot of lockerrooms and have seen a few dicks in my time, and considered myself average. She then asked me how many stiff penises I had seen. She explained the difference, and had a good point. Frankly I don´t really give a hoot in terms of comparisons anymore, and am now happily married.

I’d be more nervous if she showed me one.