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Penis enlargement w/HGH

I posted sometime ago about the possiblity of injecting PGF2a into the penis and it was generally not advised. I just read a long thread on a plastic surgery site concerning the use of HGH the same way. The protocol involves daily injections of 6iu for 3 months. Actual results were reported as an average length increase of 1 1/2-2" and significant girth increase. Firstly, 6iu/day has got to be damn expensive and what would the effects on other organs from such a high a dose and long cycle? Anyone believe that local HGH injections can do this?

You become a good swordsman by learning how to use your sword as opposed to having the longest blade. I can’t imagine anyone voluntarily having a needle stuck in his noodle 90 times. Yeow!

I had seen a show a few weeks back… they talked about size comparison to ethnic back ground… and the range of sizes in all groups… they even showed what was termed as a micropenis… some poor bastards have as little as 1 1/2 " … I’m not bragging as I am average and comfortable with my size, but if I had a micro pecker I think I’d suffer the ordeal.

An extra 1.5 to 2" in length with significant girth increase…verily my shaft would be the mightiest in the land. Ah but thee thinks the weight of yonder shaft could make could make hoisting it above thee head for the final smiting blow a difficult task indeed!!! But forsooth…many a las would like to ride high on the dreaded pole of… ahhhhh fuck it. Ouch!!! I’m betting it would hurt like hell. PGF2a would probably feel like your wanger got nuked by fuckin A-bomb. As for side effects I couldn’t really comment, but I just think sticking a needle into something loaded with veins and arteries to be a dumb idea. But if you get a giant ding dong be sure to write an article for t-mag.

Keago. :slight_smile:

just don’t try sticking synthol in your balls! :wink:

Pain isn’t an issue. I’m looking for an alternative to surgery which creates a lot of downtime (4 weeks). Can’t live with that.

There is no way I would ever let anyone stick a needle in my wanker. Why are you considering this!?!?!?!? Do you really need it or do you want to become a porn star? I wonder if the increase in size is from actual growth or from swelling due to numerous needle wounds.

Good point. Might be scar tissue or just the accumulation of fluid from the injections. And no, I don’t think I really need it but its the same motivation for being bigger and leaner. It looks better.

Have any of you guys tried the “natural” enlargement techniques? I haven’t seen any doctors give their professional opinions on it… it seems to me that if you can stretch the neck with coils, you ought to be able to do the same thing with the penis. I’m really interested in the biology of why you couldn’t (if you can’t).

First I fell off my chair laughing thinking this was some kinda joke, but before we start playing pin cushion with our pecker, HGH will absolutely NOT increase penis size unless it is by an accumulation of scar tissue…think about it, GH is not site specific…if it was Ronnie Coleman would not have abs the size of his hummers tires.


What about the Austin Powers Swedish Pump? After a few months you’ll be shaggin’ 'em rotten. Yeah baby!!

Nephorm. Stretching (traction) does work but I’d rather not walk around with rocks tied to my dick all day. Several primative cultures perfected traction methods but its started at an early age and continued well into adulthood. I also considered traction combined with anabolics to possibly accelerate the process. Traction is used after sugery to prevent scar tissue induced shrinkage.

Hanging rocks of your dong eh. Makes sense as stretching releases fbgf and gh and phg2a etc etc. Now this begs the question how big are you trying to get? :slight_smile:

Looking for about 50% increase in length and circumference.

You reallyu want a bigger dick huh? Tell us how big it is so we can determine if your wierd for wanting it or not. Is you dick really tiny, or do you just want to be like John Holmes?

yea I tried it but it worked too well. I had to have a leg cut off, now I put a shoe on the head. peace :wink:

Anyone else have anything useful to add? Perhaps some can brag about not needing any enhancement as neither their sister nor their cousin could handle their enormous size. Maybe the rest can ridicule the very desire for improvement (much the same way as the non-weightlifting community ridicules all of us). Well, have at it!

Uh, Lipo, have you tried any of the penis pumps or weights? I just ask because you’re curious, but haven’t tried them. People use penis pumps for erection problems, so I assume that you could safely use one for penis enlargement. As far as it working, I don’t know, but one brand is supposed to be FDA approved.

Naw, those penis pumps don’t work (never tried it, but I’ve read plenty of studies). Lipo, if you want to try something that isn’t an injection, you can learn all those “natural” enlargement techniques for free… just do a search on google, and you’ll find a couple of sites where people have compiled the information. It isn’t new stuff. I don’t know if it works or not, but it sure as hell is safer than a needle.

From what i understand GH given during puberty(not injected into the penis) will increase size a geat deal as well steroids during puberty. If the steroids don’t aromatize the the person is not suppossed to have problems with shortened height.