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Penis enlargement methods

Ok don’t laugh…I’m not small…actually 6and1/4 inches not big but there are much smaller ones…Any way This was not a problem before I started juicing and put on 40 pounds over the years.Now my pecker doesn’t look as big as it used to.and I measured it and it’s still the same size!Illusion or too much muscle i don’t know.also with the widening of all of our hips and legs due to heavy squats it is harder to fully penetrate sometimes like I used to…So my question is do these Jelqing methods work does the dr. bross pump work??If anyone has experience please be honest because I know other guys have wondered the same thing…Thanks

Maybe you should start shootin’ them 'roids into your unit.

Ah, the most dreaded irony of bodybuilding… so many guys build muscle to look more masculine, only to discover that the more muscular one’s thighs become, the smaller ones schlong appears. My reccomendations – tattoo vertical lines down the center of your unit to give the illusion of length, and horizontal lines or chevron designs on the side to add the appearance of width. OK, so, that’s too hardcore? Use a magic marker.

I have heard vacuum pump works but hurts because it pulls your weenie inside to the outside where it’s not supposed to be. I have also heard local GH shots work, but work most by developing scar tissue, so it’s essentially useless.

Ok…Any serious responses??

There’s no real way to enlarge it. But there is a surgery that would make it appear longer. To the best of my understanding, they can cut a tendon that holds the erectile tissue to… to…uhh whatever it’s attached to. There’s also a surgery to increase girth too. I think they can give you like a 20% increase in girth. Personally, I wouldn’t let a scapel anywhere near my johnson.

Just get over it, unless you plan on going full-monty in a gay strip club, there’s no need to worry about how big your cock looks. Just stick it in before she has a chance to look :smiley:

Seriously, pills, pumps and roids could only damage you, and there is no reliable long-term solution except surgery: getting fake erectile tissue implanted into your penis, which I think is idiotic.

So long as you get laid on a regular basis, no need to get yourself in trouble.

Everything you need to know can be found at forsize.com.

I have a friend who takes Longitude, and he says it works.

You have a friend who just admits that he not only has a small dick but that he is willing to spend his hard earned money on bullshit pills. Wow. That’s friendship.

Have a chic come over and pull it across the room, just don’t let it snap back atcha.

I don’t know about the size of my prick, never measure the little guy. But, the girl friend noticed that after the first 2 weeks of Mag-10 my balls were getting bigger. Guess I’ll just have to start measuring those too, along with my dick of coarse. Gee the things we T-men have to do.