Penis Atrophy Anxiety

Hi guys, has anyone with low T noticed before going on TRT that their penis was shriveling and always looked and felt cold. I’ve lost lots of length and girth and it constantly looks and feels like I’m standing naked in a freezer.

My T and free T levels are at the lower edge of “normal”. I’m getting anxious as this used to be a an occasional thing but is now pretty much permanent. Could this be due to low T?


Any chance I can reverse it or am I screwed?
It’s progressing for about 18months from feeling it once a month to now a permanent experience

Absolutely and it’s quite common to have erectile dysfunction in the low normal range. Studies show lower libido <500 ng/dL and ED <440 ng/dL.

My penis was very cold when I had low-T and my testes were not visible at all completely pulled up in my scrotum.

ED is a precursor to heart disease and cardiovascular problems. The low-T (Free T at bottom 25 percentile) also puts you at 53% greater risk of developing prostate cancer as well as more aggressive prostate cancer.


What are your symptoms now ?

Is any of this reversible if I start TRT?

I have no symptoms and I’m on Jatenzo @237 mg twice daily.

If the reason for sexual function problems are the result of low-T, and more than likely you recover sexual functioning.

If your health is too far down the rabbit hole, meaning beyond the point of no return, then you will struggle. Your genetics play a part in how you respond to androgens.

TRT doesn’t work for everyone.

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This may sound pretty scary for Spencer; I’d venture a guess that unless his situation is very unusual, if his symptoms are being caused by low free T then TRT will improve those symptoms.

HMMV of course but I think far and away the most typical outcome is improvement, especially if overall health is attended to (eating, sleep, exercise, stress, etc.) at the same time.


A lot of men don’t realize that low testosterone is a symptom, often the cause is an unknown. So by going on TRT, you are trying to circumvent a disease process.

Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

Thanks for the feedback guys. I’m obviously very anxious about this. Of course it’s not great now but I fear what’s coming. I’ve been to multiple docs and urologists over the last 3 years in several countries . They’ve all said it’s probably low t and then when my blood results come back they say I’m in normal range but lower end of normal .
So I’ve let it slide and my erections are slowly weakening . I work at sea so don’t see the Mrs very often. Sex life is minimal

Your doctors got it right the first time, then they saw the numbers and backtracked.

The quality of your erections are barometer for your cardiovascular health. You’re at higher risk for cardiovascular disease. It’s not a matter of if but a matter of when. Your average doctor has a little to no training in this area of medicine, especially outside the United States.

Regardless of what your doctor say, you’re in a disease state!

You can have a low normal testosterone, and still have a testosterone deficiency due to having low Free T. Also, there currently is no consensus at what Total T and Free T defines a testosterone deficiency.

Differences in genetics, AR gene CAG repeat lengths (androgen, receptor sensitivity,) determines at what Free T level you experience symptoms of a testosterone deficiency.

You can’t have one number for everyone!

I wonder, did your doctors ever check your free testosterone?

Yes, free t was always lower end of normal range as well . Interesting that total t has actually increased over the 3 years but free stayed the same

I’m off to the Florida men’s health clinic in 2 weeks to speak to them. Anything I should know to definitely not take?

Defy Medical is in Tampa Bay Florida should this other clinic not work out for you.

You shouldn’t take an aromatase inhibitor right off the bat, especially if you have no symptoms of high estrogen. Start TRT in isolation with no other stuff and manipulate the dose and injection frequency to resolve your issues.

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Then you’re at 53% greater risk for prostate cancer and an aggressive case at that. Only one Free T is at the top 25 percentile does your risk go down.

How did you find your experience with TRT? Did it take a while to get correct dosage ? What made you choose capsules?

I struggled for the first couple of years on injections, creams and gels. My body doesn’t like the longer half-life injections and I didn’t absorb the topical’s. My body prefers short half-life formulations of TRT.

The recommended starting dosages is 237 mg twice daily as per the clinical trial data. My doctor wasn’t aware of this data and so it took several months to get on the right dosage.

If your medical problem isn’t in your doctors, top 10 greatest hits, your experience is going to be a bad one.

Steady states on Jatenzo are reached in 7 days versus 42 days on cypionate.

After years of failure on the injections, I found I only respond to treatment when injecting very frequently, but the longer half-life causes problems by creating a unnaturally flat and steady hormones levels to which my body cannot tolerate.

I appreciate your time bro. I’ve let my job stress me out the last 3 years and haven’t exercised much . ( previously in great shape all my life). Also was extremely hypo sensitive to coffee but kept drinking it. I think years of high cortisol May be to blame for this situation I’m in.
Anyway wish me luck . Off to get a penile ultrasound this week to check if I have permanent fibrosis and then flying to the US to see some specialists

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