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Penis Arm!




good god ! think of the possibilities !


What a fascinating website. From the Chupacabra sightings in Russia to this gem about a 75-year old porn star:

"A 75-year-old grandad has become a porn star in Russia after wandering into a porn movie audition by mistake, Ananova said Wednesday.

David Bozdoganov wandered into the Gorodcki production company studios after mistaking posters for new erotic actors as an advert for a muscle man show.

Director Alexander Plahov said: ?We were auditioning for a new film and had a number of couples simulating sex on stage when I saw this old guy standing at the back.

?I wandered over to ask him to leave, but then I saw this massive package straining against his trousers. I thought, ?This could be an original idea?.

?And I was so right ? all the movies we?ve made with David have been huge successes.?

The pensioner?s biggest hits have been The Old Neighbor and The Handyman at Work.

But Plahov added: ?His female co-stars always complain because David believes in the beneficial power of garlic and insists on rubbing it on his erection before a scene, so it?s rather smelly.?

I am now hooked on that site.



you could have penises grown all over your body. I had to laugh when I read the part about how when he is able to have sex in a few months, no woman will be able to tell. Except that he will never be able to orgasm because he has no balls.



My 4 yr old informed me, "He has to pee twice!"


I grow one on my arm for an extra 4 inches


I'de like to get the thread started.

'Is that a bent-penis growing on your forearm, or are you just happy to see me?'

'If he got in a fight, he could really fuck somebody up'

'Channel 4 News Reports:
Russian man hospitalized in critical condition after receiving a crushing indian burn, more at 11.'

Your turn.


"The rub" (pun intended) was that they grew it on his masturbating arm, so the poor feller had to wait for reattachment surgery before he could play with his new toy. But that didn't stop him from trying incessantly.


I bet that guy has been doing a lot of hugging lately...


insert name wins by submission in the 1st round by rear naked choke.


LMFAO, like a dog chasing his own tail.

It would suck to wear your hard-on your sleeve.



Good god, you let her see that?


I guess he could give himself fellatio now.


hahahahahhahaa, this is the funniest shit ever.


lol, theres an image

hah, clever

There's a 'Zercher Squat' joke here, but I just cant put my finger on it.


I wonder if that penis is erect?Not that I care,just wondering.


When they do replacement surgeries, the replacement does not have the erectile tissues that a normal penis would have. To compensate for that, they put in some sort of inflatable tubes that are operated by pump. So no, he won't get erect all on his own.


Well, he won't be able to ejaculate, but he should be able to have an orgasm.


This just begs the question, "If you could suck your own dick, would you?"
"Would that be masturbation or gay?"


If you want a better laugh scroll down on that page and see what other news is happening over there. Some crazy shit I tell ya.