Penile Sensitivity

So I was at 120mg a week (slip in 2) and dhea supps. I lowered to 100 and stopped dhea and it got rid of my belly water retention.
Now I have decreased penile sensitivity.

Should I add dhea OR go back back up to 120?


@highpull @dbossa @johann77

I would go back to what I was doing when everything was working.

Yeah but it was not with my belly water retention. I felt very good but the belly feeling full and bloated is a huge negative

How long have you been on that protocol? The old one? 120?

3-4 months

What is your height/weight?

Bloating? Stomach discomfort? Or has your waist size actually increased?


With dhea and 120 I was 189lbs
I used to wake up bloated. Horrible look and feel

@steven90 would you be willing to do more frequent injections just as an experiment?

Well. Imo I think it was the dhea doing that.

So I would first try the 120 split in 2. Before I do more frequent.

Unless you think staying at 100 with more frequency.

What level of sensitivity did you lose. Typically more t means more serotonin, means less sensitive. So less t less sensitive would say you are probably not at homeostasis yet.

I’ve seen the completely opposite of what @maddog352002 is describing.

Men lacking sensitivity, unable to finish etc. Raise testosterone levels and suddenly everything works better. This was also my personal experience.

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The foreskin less Sensitive. I still climax nicely. I think without the daily Cialis I may not stay hard cause of the sensitivity.

@steven90 go back to 120mg twice weekly and see if you still have the bloat. If you do, you’ll do better with more frequent injections.

If you don’t bloat, it means the DHEA wasn’t agreeing with you.

ALSO, Cialis itself does have a tendency to lower sensitivity.

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Yeah. That’s what I will do. Just needed to hear I made sense.

It could be the dhea raised my e2 better sexual function but bloat.

But I been taking daily Cialis for over 1 year.

You MAY find that if you get your T levels up enough, you won’t need the cialis anymore :wink:

I think I’ll take Cialis forever for the other benefits too. Vasodilator, blood pressure etc