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Penguins Get First Pick


It looks like Sidney Crosby will be in Pittsburgh. I guess calling him the next LEMIEUX was correct. I was very surprised at the weighting for the draft. How does a team like The Rangers get in the mid-teens? They were weighted as much as the Penguins. Ugh, just a frustrated Rangers fan.

Well, lets see how the teams fill up. Penguins will have a franchise player to rebuild the team, and get out of bankruptcy.


Yeah, hopefully they get a few good players to play on the same line as Crosby. Otherwise it could be a very frustrating year for Sydney, and even though he has more talent than any player in recent years, those who've seen the Memorial Cup finals know how he can get easily frustrated if things don't go his way. Well, maybe they'll turn Mario into a wingman!


GO PENS!!!! maybe they will even build a new arena now? i think the civic area (mellon arena) is older than i am!!


Isn't that what happened to that goalie from Quebec that the Penguins got a few years ago? (Can't remember his name)

In the Junior World Championships he was fuckin spectacular and then his first shot on net in the NHL goes past him into the net.


Damn, don't talk about that one...please


In fact Mario is already a wingman! He played often as a left wing in those lines:

LW-Mario Lemieux
C-Jan Hrdina
RW- Jaromir Jagr

reason:hrdina was much better in the faceoff than Mario.

and in power play:

LW-Mario Lemieux
C-Ron Francis
RW-Jaromir Jagr

reason:same as one

As a penguins fan since 1990's i am very pleased that they will have the chance to select a player like Sidney Crosby!

Maybe this line would be nice for the 2005-2006 season:

LW-Mario Lemieux
C-Sidney Crosby
RW-Mark Recchi