Pendulum training for Strongman.

I have done Powerlifting for the last couple of years (also did a couple of strongman competitions on the side, more for the fun of it),but next year I want to concentrate on Stronman training.I was thinking of using the pedulum principals in my program.Something in the line of: Wk 1 Functional strength Wk2 Speed training Wk3 Functional Strength and Wk4 Hypertrophy training. Im also planning to throw in the event training during the the Functional strength weeks.
Any knowlegible input will be highly appreciated.

Start and end with an hypertrophy week. However in your case, you could replace the hypertrophy weeks by strength-endurance weeks. Strength-endurance is very important in strongmen events.

The difference between a strength-endurance week and an hypertrophy week would be the choice of exercise: select compound movements done for high reps and very little isolation work (only to bring out a weak link).

Good choices for strongmen include:

  • Deadlift
  • 1/2 squat
  • Push press

Performing sets lasting 60-90 seconds (don’t bother with reps, use a relatively light load; 50-60% and do as many reps as you can in 60-90 seconds).

So a pendulum could look like:

Week 1: Hypertrophy (regular BB type hypertrophy)

Week 2: Functional strength

Week 3: Functional power

Week 4: Functional strength + event training

Week 5: Strength-endurance

Week 6: OFF; only include event training