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Pendulum Supplements

Hi everyone, I’m new to T-nation, and have mostly been using it the articles on tips and advice, but now could use a little help. Quick background, I’m 22, male, 6’2", 11.6 body fat, 195 lbs. I’m in the navy and have been working out now for about 2 yrs, religiously. I am on week 3 of the pendulum for bodybuilding workout. I’m plan on doing it for 15 weeks. I not looking to get huge, just gain alot of lean muscule. What supplements should I be taking to maximize this workout. right now all I do is take in about 200 grams of protein per day, but no real supplements. Any advice would be great.

Up your protein to about 275-300 gms. per day,drink 1/2 serv.of SURGE right before wkout,1/2 during workout and another serv immediatly after wkout.Give this time and it will add quality muscle to your physique.