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Pendulum Question

This one is for Christian Thibaudeau and anyone else who wants to take a stab at it. Thanks in advance for the information.

When setting up the pendulum schedule, I would like to only have three steps, but in order to train both strength-speed and speed-strength, there has to be 4 steps. I know this can be modified…but how? Do you simply set up a pedulum to “peak” with strength-speed one go round and then with speed-strength the next?


Week 1 - Structural
Week 2 - Functional Strength
Week 3 - Power 1 (Strength-Speed)
Week 4 - Functional Strength
Week 5 - Structural

Then for the second “cycle”, everything is the same except the middle week is focused on Power 2 (Speed-Strength).

Does this make sense or should I just go with the four step approach to save myself the trouble?