Pendulum Powerlifting


I’m set to begin PP here shortly. Is there anything you would change about this program? I ask, because you wrote the article 6 years ago. It looks, to me, like an effective approach. Also, in the structural phase, what should the loading be? Or should I just do what feels right on a particular day.



P.S. Anyone else tried this method?

It’s a good program, but better suited to the non-competitive powerlifter (i.e. guy who just want to get strong).

I wrote another program eons ago called Canadian Autoregulatory Training… or something like that, you’d have to do a google search. Much better pure powerlifting program.

Or stick to Westside-style training.

What about the pendulum athlete program, do you still utilize eccentric and isometric methods with your athletes or is the sample football program more reflective of what you do now?


I think what you’re talking about is Canadian non-linear autoregulatory training?..can’t find and actual template.
Cold Molson on me if you post it, in the event you run across it.