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Pendulum Bodybuilding

The weekly breakdown appears as follows:
Week 1: Structural 1

Week 2: Structural 2

Week 3: Functional strength

Week 4: Structural 2

Week 5: Structural 1
Christian recommends repeating this cycle 1-2 times. Does that mean that week 1 of the new cycle will be structural 1. So week 5: structural 1 is immediateley followed with week 6: structural 1.

Christian, how do you recommend setting up Mag-10 cycles w/ Pendulum Bodybuilding.

Mag-10 should be taken during the high-volume weeks (high volume = more microtrauma. More microtrauma + increased anabolism = more muscle gains).

Heavy loading of Tribex should be used during the functional week to restore HPTA functions to maximal. I recommend doubling the dosage of Tribex on that week. Power Drive would also be a good product to use during this week since it’s a neurally demanding week.

You could do 2 cycles back to back. You have 2 possible strategies:

  1. 1 continuous cycle:

Week 6: Struct. 2 (Mag-10)
Week 7: Funct. (Tribex double dose)
Week 8: Struct. 2 (Mag-10)
Week 9: Struct. 1 (Mag-10 double dose)

This, along with proper nutrition, should easily give you 15lbs of new muscle.

  1. Two successive cycles with an unloading week

Week 1: Struct. 1 (Mag-10 double dose)
Week 2: Struct. 2 (Mag-10)
Week 3: Funct. (Tribex double dose)
Week 4: Struct. 2 (Mag-10)
Week 5: Struct. 1 (Mag-10 double dose)
Week 6: Easy training (Tribex double dose)
Week 7: Struct. 1 (Mag-10 double dose)
Week 8: Struct. 2 (Mag-10)
Week 9: Funct. (Tribex double dose)
Week 10: Struct. 2 (Mag-10)
Week 11: Struct. 1 (Mag-10 double dose)

Thanks for the feedback Christian. I plan on following your second recommendation of the 2 successive cycles with the unloading week. I’ll also use Mag10 & Tribex exactly as you prescribed. HAve you noticed increased benefits using a double dose of Mag10? I use Powerdrive before every workout so I’ll double the dose during the functional week. I really looking forward to pendulum training and the 15lbs of added mass I’ll soon be sporting. Will we see any articles on pendulum training geared towards fat loss while maintaining lean body mass? Thanks again.

Hey Christian,

I really want to try Pendulum Bodybuilding but I had many symptons of CNS overtraining at the beginning of January. I took a week off and have been doing Meltdown 3 since. I feel recovered, but am worried that I might re-fry my CNS. Should I wait a few more weeks?

vdawg, you should be recovered considering you took a week off and are currently performing a higher volume, lower intensity program, Meltdown 3.
Also, with pendulum bodybuilding, only week3: functional training, should really tax your CNS. The basic premise of this program is that your changing the training parameters weekly to avoid overtraining.

Gashman is right. On the bodybuilding pendulum the CNS stress is low most of the time (except for the functional week). So you should not have any problem.

CT, just started the program and have to say I-like-it-A-lot! I’m also running a cycle right now (my 2nd). With that being said, I was wondering if I should bother with my PD/AlCAR/piracetam/PS/clen stack during the functional week. Or should I hold off until my cycle ends and stick to using those agents for recovery?

Nootropics would definetly be a good way to maximize performance during the functional week. Power Drive and Piracetam complete each other well. The problem is that piracetam needs to be taken for more than a week to see good results. So you may want to start using it 1 week before your functional week. Something like modafinil or adrafinil could also be used instead of piracetam.

I would personaly use the PS after your cycle. During your cycle cortisol wont be much of a proble. But afterwards it might hit you hard, so PS would be a good addition.

Same thing could be said about clen. I’d use it after your cycle for it’s anticatabolic properties. Using PS, clen, tribulus and clomid/nolvadex for 4 weeks after your cycle should allow you to keep most, if not all, of your gains.

Great answer CT, thank you. How do you feel about not using clomid at all for PCT and just using nolvadex? I ask merely because I’ve had some less than desirable side from clomid in the past 9ie. being more overemotional than Richard Simmons) that and I’ve heard people mention it before.