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Pendulum Bodybuilding, What Next?

I’ve found Christian Thibaudeau’s article “Pendulum Bodybuilding” very helpful. The only problem is, it lasts 15 weeks (3 cycles) and that leaves me wondering what type of cycle should follow the three prescribed cycles of Pendulum Bodybuilding. It seems that this program is not just geared toward lean mass gain, but getting a person to a certain physical state. So, what do I do after the 3 cycles. Should I start a program like Westside for skinny bastards or “how to bench 600 lbs” by Dave Tate or any one of the other programs suggested on t-nation? If so, when should I cycle back to the pendulum?

Whatever you feel like.

It’d be good to go on a pure strength program, even if you are in this game only for mass purposes, since you won’t have done that much for 15 weeks. It’ll help the following mass cycles and would be a good change of pace.

If you want to go right into another bodybuilding type program i’d suggest something like Hypertrophy-specific by Bryan Haycock. The 3-day a week wos are drastically diff than the high volume days of pendulum.