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Pendulum Bodybuilding Questions

Just wanting to get some feedback from someone who has used this program.

I am just finishing up CW’s Triple Total Training program, and am trying to decide on what to do next. Since I have done GVT, ABBH, & ABBHII before the TTT program I thought that CT’s pendulum bodybuilding program might be a nice change.

So if anyone could speak about their results I am definitely interested.

Just remembered another question. The article didn’t really mention the load. Should I be using a load where I am not hitting failure, or should I hit failure on the last set of each exercise?

im on my 13th week, gonna do it for 15. i’ve gained 10lbs and gained ~50lbs on bench, ~90lbs on squat, and ~90lbs on DL.

bench and squat gains are acurate w/in 5 or 10 lbs, DL i dont know what my 1RM was before so thats a rough estimate.

I really liked the program. Its different each week, so i was always looking forward to the next week.

If you have IronTrainer2 i put the pendulum bodybuilding into if you’d like it