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Pendulum Approach

Do you believe that the pendulum approach is superior to any other system for an athlete or any one else for that matter?

And do you include assistance work after you main 4 exercises, like on hypertrophy week if you do bench, rows, db shoulder presses and shrugs as your 4 main exercises do assistance work to work on hypertrophy for biceps and triceps?

I asked this same question on another post but haven’t really gotten an answer yet. I think I read somewhere that CT is planning an article on this so maybe he is just holding out until then. But I do think it is very interesting to see how it compares to other methods of periodization, especially like Westside or CW’s programs or if you could even fit those programs to this approach?

I am planning an article on the subject. But I’ll say that I don’t like to claim that such method is better than such method. The pendulum approach is not static either. You can morph it significantly to use any type of method, volume and exercises you like. It’s just a basic methodology of rotating training structure every week.

I’m almost positive it would be superior for strongman training because strongmen need strength endurance, maximal strength, and power. Dont you think?

Oh yeah definetly!

How would you take a strongman approach, i saw the one you prescribed for Cardoza, would you do it the same way except change the rep ranges and methods each week?

Christian (Binford),
Sorry for jumping in. I have recently been worried about overtraining, and would like to use the pendulum approach for preparation for my next competition. I will be competing at the xtreme strongman showdown on Feb. 8th, and it will be my first comp as a heavyweight so I have to focus primarily on stregth. What would the next 7 weeks look like for me hitting it as hard as I can without burnung out. Once again thanks for your time and advice.

Brad Cardoza, CSCS

Week 1 Hypertrophy
Week 2 Strength
Week 3 Power
Week 4 Strength
Week 5 Hypertrophy
Week 6 Strength
Week 7 Power