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Pendlay Supertotal Program/Working Out with Your Girl


So my fiance has been wanting to workout with me because we got a wedding coming up next year. But we both have different goals. I figured a better way to workout, would be to go from a 3 day to a 4 day and still be able to take care of my goals. Mine are more olympic lifting focused and hers are more general health/strength/lose weight for the wedding.

I figure she could workout with me on my general strength training days so that way we can do the same stuff. And then on my olympic lifting days she would do her cardio/conditioning.

Does this look like over kill for me? It looks pretty balanced and it’s based on Pendlay’s super total program.

Have any of you ever worked out with your girl? What would you change? She seems to like the setup and would want to use DB’s over barbells for the pressing/rowing exercises.

Any feedback would be great!

Bench Press (SS: Rows)
Dips + Abs

Clean & Jerk

Overhead Press (SS: Chin Ups)
Curls + Abs

Clean & Jerk
Clean Deadlift


I’ve worked out with my girl for a while now, and I find that this is by far the most important aspect. Also POSITIVE reinforcement. you’re not her coach, rather a helpful cheerleader. and don’t get nit picky with what she’s doing; guide her but give her as much autonomy as she needs.


Sounds good man! I figure the first part is just to get her in the habit of going to the gym and for her to actually enjoy it!


I have worked out with my girlfriend for a good number of years now and the real differences in training with your partner/girlfriend are that:

1.They need positive reassurance of when to up the weights

2.Don’t coach them as they see it as a negative even if its the slightest form tweak (of course IF their form is shitty then help them sort it out)

3.Enjoy your time in the gym with them!


@mclembo I personally think that’s great advice!!