Pendlay Seal Rows


I recently got a rogue seal row bar and found that doing seal rows in a similar manner to pendlays to be an interesting exercise. I’ve also experimented with controlled eccentrics and getting a stretch at the bottom before setting the bar on the ground. Do you think such a hybrid row may have any potential utility for strength and hypertrophy vis-a-vis its conventional cousins?

Well, the Pendlay row is the row I program the most in the strength program of athletes. I like the version you are describing as it maintains the strictness of the row but reduces the amount of effort that you must spend on maintaining posture, which can be useful strictly for hypertrophy purposes.

I also just wrote an article (it should be published shortly) in which I talk about the best ways to do reps depending on you goal and talk about what I feel is the value of initiating the concentric phase from a static phase.

WHEN!!! Very eager to read it