Pendlay Row Layer

@CT is it possible to do a layer with the pendlay row and how would one go about that please and thank you :slight_smile:

IMHO no. The lower back would get too taxed and performance would suffer. The Chinese row would be a better option.

BTW Iā€™m not against hitting the lower back hard. But in the case of the Pendlay row the problem is when a lower back pump/discomfort takes away from the focus you have on your upper back muscles.

TY I love the chinese row and I like it even better with a cambered bar.

I am trying to design the chinese row layer any thoughts would be appreciated

A) Barbell row against pins : 4 sets of 6 seconds

B) Movement strength: Chinese row 5 to 7 sets of 2 reps upto 2RM

C) Positional strength: double pause chinese row (top and mid-range for 2 seconds) focusing on squeeze at top 3-4 sets of 3 reps

D) Explosive strength: Power chinese dumbbell row 4-5 set of 3 reps 50%

E) Muscle strength: top half chinese row pump reps (only going from the top position to the middle position focusing on the upperback contraction) for 3 sets of 8-10 reps