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Pendlay Row Form

I just cant get these, every time I try to put my upper body at a 90 degree angle, it seems that my lower back rounds right by my tailbone. Am I just not flexible enough?

You doing the rippetoe program? (just wondering)

try less weight, and look at some vids on youtube or :

There are some pics on how your back should look:

Do you do good mornings? Cause they will help a lot with your flexibility to get into that position.

Yeah I just started it last week. That site really helps thanks for that, and no I don’t do good mornings should I add those in?

Usually ripptoe’s programs allow for a couple additions, but if you add them in, don’t put them on deadlift or heavy squat days.

…isnt everyday a heavy squat day on rippetoe?

No, only the days the end with y

some accessory work along with heavy squats or deadlift wont kill you as long as you dont go all that heavy on the accessory exercize.

good advice