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Where did it go? I have it set as viewable in my hub but I can't see it listed with I'm logged in or out. Is it still around? Where oh where can it be????


Pretty sure Glenn just didn't have enough time to be in there at all so they shut it down. At least I think I read that somewhere.


Pendlay's got his own forum if you want to ask him anything mate


Ah, thanks for the info and the link. I was hoping to re-read some of the discussion once I had a bit more time to think things through... Can it be accessed from anywhere even if it can't be posted to any longer?


yeah it's hidden in the bodybuilding forum somewhere. look through the first few pages.


The Q+A thread is here:


Awesome, thanks. I wonder why it got put in bodybuilding instead of oly lifting lol. never would have thought to look for it over there...