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Pendlay: Concentric-Only Training for Natural Mass

I remember an article on this site from a few years back from John? Pendlay where he claimed that he literally couldn’t stop natural athletes from gaining mass from high frequency concentric only training. Also he claimed that the explosive concentric work turned up the metabolism. I think his claim was that concentric only, heavy and explosive training raised testosterone in nattys and that avoiding eccentrics reduced catabolic factors. Do you think that concentric only work like this may provide a separate stimulus for growth for naturals? Why do you think this method packed mass on his athletes?

No it doesn’t. If it did, bodybuilders would have discovered it years ago. And I honestly have never seen any guy trained by Glenn that looked like what I call “jacked”. Understand that he worked mostly with Olympic lifters who were not used to more localised/higher volume work. So its addition, regardless of if it was eccentric-less or not, would have led to hypertrophy in that specific population.

The one benefit of eccentric-less training is that its much easier to recover from (very little muscle damage) so they would allow you to train a muscle more often. So add extra work it might be beneficial, but by itself its is not great at maximizing growth