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Pencil Box

Does anyone remember, back in the 80’s when you were in gradeschool (if you were in gradeschool then) when trapper keepers were in and we used to trade mechanical pencils, who made those rectangular pencil boxes with all the little compartments…The pencil boxes would have like a poofy type vinyl covering with various designs/themes (i.e., underwater, sports, etc. etc.)…I all the sudden have an urge to find one again.
Does anyone know what i am talking about?

Yeah, bringing back the nostalgia. I had my assortment of He-Man and Transformers plastic lunchboxes and thermoses, along with my metal GI Joe lunchbox. Then you had the Lisa Frank period of history. Folders were also the quintessential item for both function and fashion (Think Pavel meets Poliquin). Colorful erasers were also collected, though I do not recall anybody using them to actually erase anything. Honestly Vain, I have not seen the pencil boxes in years and if I have I do ot recall anything notable about them (such as characters, shows, ect.). The coolest piece of post-WWII history in our home is a book of bible stories that belonged to my father and uncle which they desecrated using pen. Hehe, Esther is saying “Leave me alone.” Lata.

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The only one I can think of is the one this girl had in class was a hello kitty one.

and she would get mad when I would use the pencil holder as a rocket launcher.