Pelvic Tilt / Scoliosis

I’ve been lurking on this forum for a bit of time after suffering from right shoulder pain and chronic muscle knots/tightness in my right rhomboid area (initially convinced the shoulder was a rotator cuff issues but I was always negative for any rotator cuff tests…).

However, as you can see from the photos, it is clear my posture is pretty messed up. My right hip is hiked up more than the left and my right shoulder droops way lower than the left. I;m pretty sure the shoulder pain and rhomboid tightness is due to this drooping right shoulder.

Now I’ve seen a PT who said I had a ‘mild’ scoliosis though it looks fairly significant to me. I am going to go and see a chiropractor shortly to get this confirmed. He also said that my right pelvis is tilting anteriorly whilst my left is bordering on a posterior tilt… Talk about asymmetry! Again though I want to get this confirmed from a chiropractor.

Right leg also shows a bit of interior rotation whilst the left leg appears shorter.

I was just seeing if you guys have any comments on what I can do to help correct my body whilst I wait to see a chiro!?