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Pelvic Tilt, Rounded Shoulders (So Lame)

Sup Ya’ll,

On a continued quest to better my health – I’ve let it slide long enough.

I need to get back in the gym – and have previous slight disc protrusions from T7-T9.

Now whenever I do exercises at the wrong angle, it puts pressure on those discs and i’m concerned about causing a re-injury.

I believe this was first caused by my poor posture, and muscle imbalances.

I have a slight anterior pelvic tilt, and my shoulder’s definitely wont seem to stay back.

I want to do it right this time, and get back into the gym – get my strength back and crush my fitness.

I’m thinking the following: Fix hips + shoulders – > strengthen core --> compound movements —> Profit

(Thank you, loving being a new member of this community.)

Any advice, or experience?


Check out this guy, guy.

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Thanks guy. I found him on youtube – curious to know if I should address all at once? I’ll check out the vids.

I think so, yes. Shoulders, mid section and hips go together.

The glutes will help with hip tilt. With good hip tilt your abs, obliques and lower back (core) will actually be in a position where they can work properly and get stronger. Stronger core will help your hips be more level. This should go right up the chain, helping your posture/shoulders from the bottom up.

Rounded shoulders and slumped posture kind of make you lean forward. If you can learn to squeeze your upper back and control your scaps it should unround your shoulders. This should help your posture, and help your hip situation from the top down.

This lady has good hip tilt, good upper back posture and good shoulder mobility.

This lady has poor shoulder/upper back mobility or stability and you can see how she cheats, tilting her hips in APT to try to make up for whack posture.

With whack bracing, extended abs and APT the upper back and neck can get into extended, vulnerable positions. With everything working together, the body is stronger and safer.


Thanks my man. Do you think I should see a trainer or physical therapist?

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If that is an option, Totally jump on it.

You can figure this stuff out alone, but a good PT should be able to get you on the right track, right away. Like skipping the trial and error. Anatomy and kinesiology are a lot to take on.

Once you’re moving better, a trainer can make sure you’re lifting right. Getting stronger with good posture will help ingrain what the PT showed you.

Dope. What’s a reasonable time frame for figuring it out yourself… I agree there is a good amount of information to learn.

I take it you have experience in correcting this yourself from the sound of it

Following the advice and videos provided by @FlatsFarmer I managed to go along way towards correcting the same issues. I’ve slacked off and can see the bad habits are creeping back but it is an issue you can improve, you have to be extremly consistant with them.

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how often you do these exercises my man

I was doing most of them daily, especially the stretches. Strenghtening exercises more like every other day. Seeing as though most of the exercises you can do on your living room floor it’s easy to do them whilst watching tv etc.

A combination of exercise plus a consious effort to stay in better posture and you will see improvement.

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I agree with what kd has said. You can get started with some easy stuff like cuban rotations for upper back and clam shells for your glutes and see some temporary changes really quick.

When you’re just getting started you can do easy, small moves daily or twice a day even.

From there you gotta not slack. And sometimes find more challenging moves because the easiest stuff can stop being effective after awhile.

And then be careful to lift weights correctly so you don’t lift yourself back into bad alignment.

Roger that. I’ve also been eating at a deficit the last year and i’m wondering if that would impact my ability to fix those muscle groups?

Should I fix my diet first and THEN do the exercises? Or will I be okay?

I’m 5’10, 190lbs. Been eating probably 1500-1800 cals a day for like a year.

Appreciate you gents.

What’s your head circumference? Of your noggin is too big your posture may be off because your slender body can’t support it.

Not enormous.

Pull- ups, wide grip pushups and those “Stop right there” looking stretches mentioned above, worked a treat for me.

Is this in one of the videos or something

Those stretches are called a “Wall Angel”.