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Pelvic Tilt and Lumbar Problems


I took a mirror off my wall in my apartment and set it on the ground to watch my squat form. I noticed that as I approach parallel and below, I develop a posterior pelvic tilt and my lumbar starts to round as it follows downward. The rest of my spine is neutral and looks great, it's just that my butt starts to round down at the bottom.

Eric Cressey... Mike Robertson... any other biomechanic buffs?

What could be the potential cause here? I'm sure you'd like to see a picture to know for sure, but I'm wondering if you could take a guess.

My knees and feet look great, my stance is plenty wide enough, my head and chest are up, my heels are solidly on the ground. Everything is textbook until I hit parallel.

I'm pretty sure gluteal tightness is not the cause, as I feel pretty flexible there, but I'm stretching them anyway. Right now I'm focusing on box squats and some gluteal activation work. Am I missing anything??? Any ideas for glute work that I may not be doing?


Any reverse hyper, glute/ham raises,
romanian deads, and good mornings in there? I use those as secondary to the main movement to rectify a similar problem.
Also, hows the bracing of the abdominal column? If you exhale even a little, form can break down badly.
Last but not least, head up? That always helps.
Good luck.


I think it is a problem related to flexibility issues. Glute or hamstrings, hmmm...can't remember...


Keeping a neutral spine past parallel is not actually that easy. Olympic lifters usually do it well.

You need to be able to feel when you've lost the neutral curve in your lumbar section. Try doing overhead squats and just go to the depth your hips start to tilt. Then pause there and try to consciously make the correction in your lower back. It would help if you have someone watching you, otherwise use a sideview mirror. If you can look straight ahead into a wall mirror and have a second moveable mirror in position, that would be best. Obviously go with a low weight, until you've retrained yourself.

I doubt you are flexible enough.


Does it cause you discomfort? I would suspect the hamstrings, too, but as you said, it's only a quess.


I don't have access to reverse hyper, but I use GHR's and DL like they're going out of style. Heads always up and I'm staying tight. Thanks for the tips.


I'm great a OH squats, I just haven't used them enough lately. That's a big problem. I have however been using OH walking lunges and OH box step ups.


I suggested O squats because I am easily aware of what my lower back is doing. If you round your back doing them, it throws of the whole thing. Don't know if you have the same experience though.


If your lumber spine rounds that would anterior pelvic tilt, I believe. I would have to believe it would have to do with hip mobility, hamstring and hip flexor flexibility.