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Pelvic Tilt and Lordosis

Yes, I’ve already read the NNM I II III and IV. I just want to know which would be the best exercise and stretches to help fix some pelvic tilt and lordosis. I get this fixed and that’ll be awesome! I’d like to ‘fast track’ my efforts towards fixing those, so let’s hear what y’all gotto say.

Find a Chiropractor that does COX technique work and has a special COX Flexion-Distraction table.

Also if they have some sports/athletic training (CCSP) is also helpful.

Keith W.

All the exercises that strengthen glutes and abs, and stretches for your hip flexors and lower back, and anything that works the “core” is good, like the side bends, dead bugs, all that good stuff.

The deads/it band stretch good, especially since you’re probably already dling anyway.

The other lower body exercise/stretches are great too, if you can work them into your program somehow.

Also, doing some of the off-day when you can would help alot. the bridges, knee-to chest dealies(while making sure to draw in your navel for your tva) are all good. While you’re at it, doing all of the off-day stuff is not a bad idea, even though its not directly related to lordosis. That kind of shoulder work is a great preventative measuer, especially considering it takes two minutes on an off day, and shouldn’t get in the way of your regular program.

good luck, sorry I babbled for so long