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Pelvic Pain


Hey guys, I'm posting in here because I'm concerned with a stiffness I've had in my pelvic area for about 2 weeks now that has gotten increasingly worse. I set a PR last week with a 500 lb. squat at only 177 lbs, I was stiff in my low back for a few days but it's like the tightness moved forward on me.

I've been doing some high rep squats throughout this past week, but this morning I woke up and could barely swing my legs out of bed, or sit up using my upper half. I've tired every stretch known to man and different rubs. Icy hot and such.

I'm afraid to know what it is, called the rents this morning for them to get me into a doctor. My father is in the process of recovering from a hernia surgery in practically the same area... and I'm worried that's what it could be. I can't afford to be laid up for 6+ weeks in recovery, to be off of football and out of the weight room for that long. Could anyone offer some opinions and help?


I'm glad you are seeing a doctor. Let me assure that you CAN AFFORD to be laid up 6+ weeks and miss some football (even a whole seasons) and miss time in the weight room. Your world will not end and you will still have options to adapt and make great things for yourself on the football field and in the gym. You may have to be more creative but if you want it, you will make it happen, and will have a much better opportunity to do so if you get proper treatment and give your body the proper time to rest. You won't be young forever and skipping out on proper treatments now can set you up for a life time of pain and suffering. Be smart.

You need to have your doctor check for hernias, groin pulls, and in addition you may want to have your doc check your genitals for any issues with the testicles, spermatic cord, or veins leading to the testicles (probably nothing to do with it, but the pain symptoms are in the exact same areas). Once any of those issues are ruled out, you need to have your back checked. A scan and review from a good doctor or chiropractor should tell you if have any spine issues.


i think you need to be a bit more specific than 'pelvic pain'.

your ilipsoas are pissed off?

the red one.

it attaches into your lumbar spine - so sometimes people feel it there.
it attaches to the front of your femur - so sometimes people feel it there.
it goes through your insides so it kinda disappears. technical, i know heh.


The illiopsoas is both muscles, it's composed of the Illacus (purple) against the illium of the "hip" and the Psoas Major which is the red muscle. It attaches to what I'd call the posterior femur (lesser trochanter). It has to attach to the posterior to be a major flexor of the hip like it is.

If you have a predisposition to hernias it's very possible that's the issue, and it's not going to get better until it gets repaired. You can afford to miss the time, and don't be stupid and try to squat until it's properly healed.

My money is on inguinal hernia. It is, however, possible that it's something like the Illiopsoas that's pissed off, it's not uncommon.


but the glutes are an extensor and they attach to the back. so i thought that flexors would attach to the front.
this pic seems to have them attach to the inside.

well... i feel something that gets pissed off especially with slow descent squats in the lumbar region and at the front of my hip anyways...

maybe it is that?


Well, the doctor said it's the beginnings of a hernia. This morning he told me that I have probably done some damage to a ligament ( i forget the name of it ) in that area above the package lol. If it gets any weaker it could be a bigger problem. So now I'm paranoid about it . He put me on a medicine called Voltaren, to take twice a day daily. Any advice as to what I can do to just strengthen that area below my stomach?